Hell’s Kitchen All Stars Episode 1 Recap: Here We Go Again

After sixteen seasons, “Hell’s Kitchen” is still going strong. This year, Gordon Ramsay decided to do something a little different: make an “All-Stars” version of the show. That means sixteen fan favorites are back for a second chance and a ton of drama to come. They will also be competing for a position as head chef at “Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant” in Las Vegas. Yup, a real “Hell’s Kitchen” restaurant. The first episode did its job of hyping up this “All-Star” special.

This first-ever “All-Stars” started with each chef arriving at “Hell’s Kitchen.” The first to arrive was Milly (Season14.) Followed by Ashley (Season 15,) Giovanni (Season 5,) Jennifer (Season 9,) Jared (Season 15,) Nick (Season 14,) Robyn (Season 10,) Barbie (Season 10,) Dana (Season 10,) Van (Season 6,) Manda (Season 15,) Michelle (Season 14,) Ben (Season 5,) Benjamin (Season 7,) Elise (Season 9,) and finally Josh (Season 14.) Hang on to your butts, people, Elise, the most hated “Hell’s Kitchen” contestant ever is back. Let the nightmares begin.

On a side note, Season 10 winner Christina is back as the sous chef for the Red Team. That’ll be a lot of fun.

After that and an introduction to a crowd outside “Hell’s Kitchen,” the chefs had their first challenge. Each chef had a dome with ingredients and they had to cook a dish using those ingredients. Each person from each team had the same ingredients. Ramsay would then rate each dish on a scale of 1-5. The chefs did well with the average being four. Of course, there were two standouts: Ben (chicken) getting a two and Robyn (salmon) getting a one. Great return, Robyn, serving a dish to one of the greatest chefs in the world and it gets a one.

The Blue Team won 28-27. Their reward was a ride on the “Sky Slide” (a clear slide that is situated on the top of a building connecting to a floor below.) That is one of the coolest ideas anyone has ever come up with. They also had dinner at Wolfgang Puck’s “WP 24.”

The Red team had to take down the stage outside and sweep up the confetti. Right away, Elise is being Elise. She absolutely refused to help take down the stage, saying it was “too heavy.” A woman who body builds saying something is heavy is like a sanitation worker saying something is too smelly.

The next day, before the show ended, Ramsay announced that this season there will be a bar menu and that the chefs’ next challenge will be to create a dish that’ll go on that menu.

This first-ever “All-Star” edition of “Hell’s Kitchen “will be fun because of Elise. Expect a lot of drama coming from her. It will be interesting to see who has improved from their last appearance and who still needs work. Again, this special looks like it’ll be loads of fun with these people going against each other.

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