Pokken DX Review: Same Old Song, But A Good One

Pokken on the Wii U was one of the best reasons to own the fledgling system and in spite of a lack of a major update away from better visuals and new characters, Pokken DX finds itself in similar waters on the Nintendo Switch.

That being said, Pokken DX is not perfect. In order to truly get the most out of it, you’re going to have to buy another controller. Simply put, if you’ve got hands that can palm an NBA basketball, you may find them getting cramped while playing. In the end, the Switch controller is not ideal for a game like this. The comfort and affordable Pokken controller on the Switch is almost a must. However, the fact that the game already isn’t that much of an improvement over its predecessor and is not offered at a discount price may make it a hard sell to some. Nevertheless, if you make the investment in the game, you’ll get an awesome fighting experience that works well on the TV and on the go.

For those who have yet to experience the game, you’ll find it a delightful and colorful combination of the Tekken and Pokemon franchises- a fighting game with depth and purpose. There isn’t a similar game on the Switch right now and with no Tekken or Pokemon RPG, this is easily the best way to get your fix. Although not as enjoyable as Tekken, with the phase switch gameplay, which allows you to use more maneuvers with your Pokemon, it’s a hearty fighting experience that requires both strategy and skill. Characters the likes of Darkrai can pick enemies off from afar, while Machamp is an up close and personal destroyer. Charizard has the rare ability to being competent at both, while Pikachu’s speed makes him a great character as well. All in all, Pokken has everything you’d expect from a top-notch fighter.

The only problem is many have experienced the game already and the added features aren’t enough to satisfy hardcore fans. With the added fees (a controller) as well to truly enjoy the game, you have to love what the game offers in order to justify having it in your game collection.

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