Review Fix Exclusive: Alex Cole Talks New Album And More

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Review Fix chats with Guitar virtuoso Alex Cole, who discusses his signature sound, influences, goals and upcoming album.

Review Fix: How did you get involved in music?

Alex Cole: I listened constantly to the great musicians and bands such as Deep Purple, Cactus, George Thorogood, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Blackfoot, Foghat, and I fell in love with the groove. When I attended concerts and felt the energy of AC/DC, Ted Nugent, Kiss Airbourne and Van Halen, I knew I was going to be the Artist who kept this Rock n Roll energy alive. Alex Cole music is energy, guitar riffs and uplifting, catching songs. My voice is the powerful melody. My guitar is the rhythm and riff. My solos are the soul. My music will keep you in the groove.

Review Fix: How has your sound evolved?

Cole: When I moved to Los Angeles 3 years ago, I found that I was able to surround myself with musicians and recording engineers who understood the sound I wanted to create. My music is Retro-Rock. It’s all original music that sounds familiar. I’ve had more time to think and write my music this year. I’m recording my 2nd album and I’m having a blast. I’m more relaxed living in Los Angeles. And I’m more comfortable trying new ideas. My next album has a new song,”I’m Not Alone”, that my fans won’t expect to hear from me, but I’m sure they will love this song. I’m constantly growing.

Review Fix: What makes the guitar-powered rock special?

Cole: The guitar is made for rock. When you hear Chuck Berry, Ted Nugent, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Angus Young and Richie Blackmore, you know it’s not just their technique that you’re hearing, it’s the pure soul that’s speaking through their fingers. The power of my sound comes from the fingerpicking, bending, and tremolos, which give more expression to the phrase and allow the notes to be clear and hard, with a blues flavor. I like playing with Gibson Guitars and Marshall Amps. My guitar pickups are important for my sound. I’m proud to be endorsing Roberts Guitar Pickups. I have a pair of Bob Mizek’s custom pickups on my Gibson Es-137. Bob is a genius of sound and created the “Nuge Sonic Baptizm” PAF humbuckers. I also endorse Wedgie Picks because I love the Super Grip on the Nylon XT 1.0mm. It has a laser etched texture for extra grip, a perfect surface to place and hold your thumb while playing. For me, dynamics is everything. At Vol.2 you can hear every single note smooth and clear. At Vol.10 you can call the cops because my guitar screams “I’m not gonna take it slow.” 

Review Fix: Why do you think people love it still?

Cole: It’s like a chemistry combination made by anger and freedom. From the cotton camps where the Blues comes from to the Rock’n’Roll of the 50 and 60’s rebellions. Through the years, Rock has been played in many styles. People love to set their mind free listening to good old and young Rock ’n’ Roll music played with passion, dedication, and rebellion.

Review Fix: What inspired your new album?

Cole: What inspired my new album is the feedback from journalists and fans. Everyone wants more Rock ’n’ Roll music. They want music that makes them want to drive their car or motorcycle fast. Music that makes them want to dance, run and workout. Music that reminds them of their best times, seeing concerts and going to festivals. Those were great times when there was excitement, fun and sexy Rock ’n’ Roll musicians on stage. Where people in the Midwest and other areas gathered in big arenas to see their favorite bands. It was a happening and people still want that. I’m inspired by those times.

Review Fix: What’s the standout track? How do you want that song to affect people?

Cole: I wrote a song about a bad boy rocker. It’s a story about a Rock Star. It’s the image that everybody has in mind when they think of a Rocker. The exciting times playing live and being wanted by all the girls. Living the fast lifestyle of a Rock Star. I like a bit of storytelling in my songs.

Review Fix: What are your goals for 2018?

Cole: I’m back into the studio recording new songs. I will be at NAMM 2018 as a recording artist for the record label, Allied Artists Music Group. I own a music publishing company “Unleash The Beast Music Publishing” that allows me to personally offer my music that I write for T.V. and Film. If someone wants to purchase my music or have me write custom music for their project, they go directly to my music publishing company and we negotiate the deal together.

Review Fix: What’s next you’d like to add?

Cole: I’d like to collaborate with the artists who inspired me. I know we’d create some great music together. My next concert will be at the Viper Room on November 3rd. There’s a Facebook invitation for that show by clicking here.

Review Fix: Anything else you’d like to add?

Cole: Check out my website, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin.

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