Review Fix Exclusive: Bo Courvoisier Talks ‘Baby Come Back’ And More

Review Fix chats with singer Bo Courvoisier who discusses her new single, “Baby Come Back and more.

Review Fix: How did you get involved in music?

Bo Courvoisier: I’ve always wanted to sing for as long as I can remember.  I’m definitely that little girl who sang inter her hairbrush to Mariah Carey.  My parents put me in piano lessons at 11 or 12.  But the first time I wrote a song was when I got my heart broken for the first time at 15…I remember walking home crying and just softly singing out my feelings as I walked home.  I guess that sounds weird, but it didn’t feel weird.  When I got home I found an old voice recorder my dad had used and recorded my first song on it.

Review Fix: What makes your work special?

Courvoisier: It’s honest.  All of my demos were written by me in my apartment – usually drunk and in the middle of of the night – about things I was actually going through at the time.

Review Fix: Why do you think people love it still?

Courvoisier: This is my first release – so I can only hope people will love it.  But if I had to guess why, I guess it’d be because it’s about real things that everyone goes through.  This is definitely an album about love, sex and heartbreak..and the substances that surround them..

Review Fix: What inspired Baby Come Back?

Courvoisier: Someone I love broke my heart. I don’t know if I believe in ‘the one’ or  a ‘soul mate’ or anything…but I think for me this person is pretty close.  Meeting them felt like the universe clicking into place.  It was such a big feeling.  Losing them, in what felt like such an anticlimactic  way, was just horrifying.  Several months later, after I’d started seeing someone new, I got a text from them saying they missed me…Baby Come Back is pretty much what my thoughts were word for word when I got that message.

Review Fix: How do you want that song to affect people?

Courvoisier: I guess I hope that if they’re going through something similar they take some sort of solace in being able to relate to what I’m singing about.  Or, if they’re not, I hope they have fun belting along to the ‘baby baby’s’ ‘cause they’re pretty fun to sing.

Review Fix: What’s next?’d like to add?

Courvoisier: World domination!  I’ll be releasing my next single soon. I’ll also be in the UK in October.

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