Review Fix Exclusive: Matthew Ryan Shapiro Talks Capitol Wrestling’s Growth And More


Review Fix chats with Capitol Wrestling co-founder Matthew Ryan Shapiro, who discusses the company’s growth and goals for the future.

Review Fix: You’ve been working and pushing the product hard for almost a year now, how has it gone?

Matthew Ryan Shapiro: There have been ups and downs like with any business at the start of it. We’ve had many lessons in the past nine months, and we’ve gotten better and smarter each go around. We have added to our great team and been able to partner and seek knowledge from the greatest in our business and we’re grateful.

Review Fix: What’s been the most important lesson thus far?

Ryan: Promote, promote, promote. Also, you cannot do it alone, we have added from an original staff of two, to about ten- twelve of some of the most diverse and dedicated souls in the business. Guys like Dan Bynum who has directed from World Class, to WCW,  to ROH and now is at Capitol. You need a team as obsessed and driven as you to go anywhere in life, wrestling, even in advanced yacht building.

Review Fix: What’s your next event looking like?

Ryan: It’s another diverse card with our stories continuing to evolve and shape, we have a double main event featuring Matt Macintosh and Anthony Gangone as well as the return of Logan Easton Laroux facing Sonny Kiss.

Review Fix: How will it be different from previous events?

Ryan: The crowning of our first champion will be the way we begin on October 14. It’ll be the most important moment in the history of the company when we see who those in power have given the ultimate honor to.

Review Fix: How does it feel to have the support of Eric Bischoff?

Ryan: Surreal. Absolutely surreal. Having someone like Eric not only give us a platform on the IRW Network, but to have me on to discuss it and get him to watch and champion our product is an insane thought to me, yet it’s here.

Review Fix: What performer has surprised you the most over the past few months?

Ryan: To be completely honest, Mike Law. I’ve been a fan of Mike Law for quite a while, and to see him transition from a pseudo comedy heel, into the first rate never say die protagonist.. it’s a delight.

Review Fix: Bottom line, why must someone watch Capitol Wrestling?

Ryan: If you want an experience, if you want stories, characters, moments, and matches that make you believe in pro wrestling, believe in our athletes, if you want to embrace and love our business. This is your home.

Review Fix: What’s next?

Ryan: Continuing to win the hearts and minds of every kind soul who is willing to give us a chance.

Review Fix: Anything else you’d like to add?

Ryan: Chase your passions, find what you love more than anything you could imagine professionally and make that your goal.

Capitol Wrestling Television is available on for $2.99 a month

Streaming live at at 6:05pm

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