Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth Review: A Classic

After the events of Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception, chaos has taken hold of the land as a conniving general has unlawfully seized the throne of the mighty Yamato Empire. The only ones who stand in its way are a couple of familiar faces who must rally different kingdoms together and fight against the powerful Imperial army. This fuels a monster adventure that connects you with its characters and world wonderfully, making it one of the most unique experiences on the PlayStation 4 and Vita this year.

The main core of the story is based not within regular in game graphics. But, with slides of the characters as they are talking within the game’s native language which is Japanese. There’s a ton of reading like a normal RPG would be and there are many different stories to be told within the game itself. It carries over a very funny humor if people are into Japanese cartoons or Anime as it’s known for. Being able to relate to the cast of characters you see throughout the game hear if the character is pissed off, sad, happy, scared and etc, truly connects you to this epic tale. An added feature to be very excited about as well is being able to auto play out the story instead of constantly hitting a button to move the dialogue onward.

This makes the game feel like older style RPGs and creates so much more of a challenge to actually play. In actuality, it’s so much more than that. At times, it feels similar to Namco X Capcom, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Vandal Hearts. The basic idea of the combat is you have your main character on the field and you have enemies. This is really cool considering as well you timing your hits to gain critical damage when attacking- similar to the PlayStation classic Legend of Dragoon. Being able to stop mid fight and save from a point to return to is simply amazing for people who can’t play for long hours at a time. Plus, being able to retry the battle if you failed or rewinding to certain points of successful turns you have made in the phase of the battle.

While the gameplay is solid, the game’s aesthetics bring it all together. The visuals of the game are like watching an Anime unfold right in front of you. Which the game switches back and forth between in game animation and then back to the still shoot slides of the characters talking. The atmosphere of the game is based on a medieval time-swords and bows, and magic as well with mythic animals. Most games don’t go back and forth like how Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth does, but it’s relaxing and gives you a breaking period of when you can rest and listen in to the story.

With 80+ hours of content inside this game, there’s a plethora to do and experience. There are so many ways of switching up what can be done within fighting and mix up special moves with the other team mates you gain access to. If you have time being that this is a game based on the anime of Utawarerumono, it might fill more gaps of the story to give it a watch and connect yourself even further. Overall, Atlus has done an amazing job.

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