Wonder Woman Issues 26-28 Review: The Past Remembered

You can admit it. When Greg Rucka (the man who shaped Wonder Woman’s mythos into popular culture) left after issue 25 you dreaded it. After all what was left to explore? As a reader, you have to remember that Diana of Themyscira is more than a wonder woman. That’s the label society has given her. But Diana has friends, a lover, and more of her family background to explore. Now that she knows who she is Diana can now move forward with her life, perhaps even attend a party. With all the mystery behind her, new writer Shea Fontana gives readers the opportunity to see Diana go on an all-out, kick-butt adventure.

Issues 26 through 28 don’t have Diana going through a hero’s journey. Rather, we see her story interwoven with memories of her past. As a warrior you don’t get to have a childhood. You’re constantly in preparation mode. Fontana takes Diana out of her costume and responsibilities to attend her longtime friend’s (Etta Candy) brother’s wedding. Just when you think it’s time to have some relaxation a bomb goes off and it’s on. By the way, it’s Commander Etta, she’s a fierce woman of color who doesn’t always need saving. And she’s got her girl’s back. This is the relationship you wanted to see in the film. It’s also a smart move. There’s someone with an agenda. They want Diana’s DNA and have set a bounty on her head to claim it. Now desperate individuals, assassins and killers for hire are all gunning for Wonder Woman.

Part three of the subtitled ‘Heart of the Amazon’ is where the action hits a steady pace. A crow appears early on in the comic. Crows are seen as messengers and in this case it is Apollo who sends his sister a warning. It’s no wonder a gathering of crows is referred to as a murder. As archaic as the term may be, it is no less accurate. Whenever a god deems to send a warning you know things will be going pear-shaped in a rapid fashion. Still there’s a fight scene and an endgame in issue 28 where as you read, you’ll be moving your body to dodge the blows. And you get to see why Etta is now called Commander with an emphasis on the capital C on Diana’s part.

Fontana’s reign on ‘Wonder Woman’ is what you hope will be onscreen in the second Wonder Woman movie. For now, you have long established characters who are tired of being hunted. They’re fighting back and there’s no Steve Trevor to get in the way. In other words, ‘Wonder Woman’ continues to be in good storytelling hands.

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