Destiny 2 Review: Great, But Not Without Issues

Destiny 2 takes place a few years after the first Destiny game’s storyline ended, but the story is more intense than ever. That being said, Bungie is taking things to the next level. Wanting to showcase more story, more gameplay, more missions and more multiplayer, Destiny 2 feels a lot bigger. However, player issues online limit this game’s lasting appeal. While these issues can all be fixed, they make sure Destiny 2 isn’t that much better than the original.

The storyline is once again paramount in Destiny 2. Having to conquer already known enemies the likes of the Fallen, Hive, Cabal, and the Vex- they all make a return alongside even more dangerous foes. Gaul, the new antagonist, has his eyes set on overtaking the Tower and making it his own with the control of the Traveler, which controls the light source of the Guardians. You, as the player, must fight back against Gaul and his Cabal army to reclaim the light you once had and bring forth the Guardians to take back the tower before life itself is over. Sounds cool? It is.

A lot of that has to do with the fact that the core game is not much different than it was in the Destiny game, which wasn’t broken. So why fix it? You still are placed either in third-person or in the first-person view to combat missions, and main story arcs. The game feels more polished as it adds more depth to the way your armor and weapons act now. Plus, bringing back most of the things that made the game great to begin with, is all back- raising the light level of your character or being able to fuse weapons and armor to make them even stronger- it’s all there. Newly added to the game is the way you travel- with using something that allows you to fast travel areas that you have cleared or visited once in-game.

Multiplayer is more or less the same as before too. This time around, you’re teamed up with four guardians, instead of three in most of the online battles. You still have the Co-Op missions accessible to you and two other people teaming up within missions or story mode arcs. The net code is not different from any shooter out there, but with the occasional hiccups from the server and due to some players with not so good internet connections can cause an upsetting time. When it works, it works smoothly and can be fun with a group of friends, family etc. When it doesn’t, it’s painful.

Now with the bigger missions to tackle, it’s more involved being that the Strikes, Raids and Side missions within the EDZ (European Dead Zone). You can now go on the raid with six players or do a strike with three of your friends or two online people. Exploring more of the social space to gain more experience or more loot, which is the core of the game that people grinds hours and hours out to be able to complete more missions and further progress onward is still fun. As a result, Destiny 2 is a winner. Simply put, there’s plenty to be amazed of in this open world looter shooter.

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