Hell’s Kitchen All-Stars Episode 3 Recap

The Red Team still can’t get their act together, and the infighting is only making things worse is an all-new episode of “Hell’s Kitchen All-Stars.” Remember, that “All-Stars” title is just that when it comes to the Red Team.

This episode started where the last one ended: Robyn confronting Elise. Here we again with “Hell’s Bitches.” Robyn flat out told Elise a bitch. The other chefs had to step in and stop the argument.

On a less violent note, Josh started the day with a chimichanga – and barfing it all up in front of Ramsay. That was unintentionally funny. Anyway, Ramsay said one thing every chef should have is be good with their hands. To show this, Ramsay had a pro cup stacker show off his skills. Six seconds to stack cups is impressive. Guess what? One chef from each team had to the same thing. Jared and Michelle volunteered with Michelle winning.

That was for a 30-second head start. The real challenge was to make a seafood tower (lobster, oysters, razor clam and king crab and sea urchin with caviar.) The first team to complete the tower wins.

The Blue Team won the challenge. Their reward was lunch at “Mastro’s Ocean Club” in Malibu and special guests on the beach. Marino then took them to the beach where they played soccer with Alyssa Naeher and Julie Johnston from the US Woman’s World Cup-winning soccer team. Have you ever watched a bunch of out of shape guys play soccer? That’s what happened here. It’s just as funny as you’d imagine.

The Red had to spend the day prepping seafood for both kitchens. But first, they had to get the food off the trucks. They also had to eat a fish stew made with stuff that’s normally thrown out. It seems like it’s always the women that have to eat the disgusting stuff in this series, huh? Also, Christina told all of them to line up and take a breath to see if they ate the stew. She had to force Elise to take another bite because she barely ate any.

At dinner service, both teamed knocked appetizers out of the park. While the Blue Team did wonderfully on entrees, the Red Team was once again a disaster.

Ashley was just drinking and looking at her watch instead of cooking. Ramsay wasn’t having any of it. He told Marino to take her out to the nail salon. One huge problem was lack of communication. Barbie had meat ready, but garnish wasn’t. In this confusion, Manda messed up a salmon and Ashley was still preoccupied with her nails. On top of all this, there was an overcooked duck, lamb and salmon. An overcooked lobster Wellington and halibut caused this team to, once again, get kicked out. These are all-stars?

The Red nominated Robyn and Barbie with Ramsay also wanting Ashley and Manda. Ramsay eliminated Ashley.

The Red Team this season is horrible. This has to be the first time in a long time that the Red is worse than the Blue. This needs to do something or else it’ll be nothing but Blue members. This constant arguing will result in brawls later on. Bet on it.

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