Hell’s Kitchen All-Stars Episode 4 Recap

The Red Team is a disaster and Ramsay’s patience is wearing thin for these so-called “All-Stars” in the latest episode of “Hell’s Kitchen All-Stars.” Expect another stinker.

The episode started off with Van flirting with Barbie. This guy flirts with everyone, huh? In the morning, Ramsay decided to give these give chefs a bit of inspiration. Keeping with the Las Vegas theme, Ramsay had a giant screen with all the letters of the alphabet and two smaller screens representing each team’s color. The way this challenge worked was a random letter appeared on the screen and the chef Ramsay called on had to pick an ingredient that starts with that letter. Whoever is stumped the opposing team has to pick one ingredient said that they want and another for the other team. After that, each chef had to cook a dish using those ingredients.

Some horrible ingredients said were Maraschino cherries (Ben) and agnolotti (Josh. Really, Josh?) Not to mention Milly was stumped twice. The final ingredients were Blue Maraschino cherries, cauliflower, syrup, artichoke, portabella mushrooms, raisins and bacon. The Red had mushrooms, cantaloupe, snap peas, asparagus, peanut butter, rice and blueberries. Those are some interesting ingredients right there.

Each dish was scored on a scale of 1-5 and the team with the highest score won. Some of the worst (1 point) were Manda’s rib cap, Robyn’s cod, and Jared’s cod. The Red finally won a challenge 26-25. Their reward was a day at “Belmond El Encanto” in Santa Barbara and a ride in a private plane. The only interesting part id Robyn, a lesbian, saying she was enjoying seeing all these hot girls in bikinis. She even said, “I’m in heaven right now.”

The Blue had to spend the day separating garbage which, surprisingly, didn’t yield anyone losing their lunch. Speaking of lunch, they also had to eat some kind of fish burger that stank and had bones in it. While the guys were grossed out, nobody gagged.

Dinner service was a real shocker. The Blue Team made a ton of mistakes. Starting things off was who only supposed to make two orders of risotto made six. He would later make the same exact mistake. He was also looking at his watch so much that Ramsay took it from him and FLUNG IT INTO THE PIZZA OVEN! That was awesome! One of Ramsay’s best moments. Not to mention he forced Josh to eat the extra three risottos. Later, Giovanni sent up a burnt pork chop and then another one that was raw. One undercooked duck (Jared) and one undercooked Wellington (Benjamin) sent the entire Blue Team up to the dorms.

The Red, while not getting thrown out, still made some mistakes. Michelle made a risotto that was undercooked and had too much garlic. Later, Barbie brought up a cold mashed potato.

The Blue nominated Josh and Giovanni. Ramsay didn’t eliminate anyone but sent Josh to the Red and Robyn to the Blue.

That sure didn’t take long. The Red made a major turn while the Blue went backward. Switching does sometimes work, but Josh doesn’t have much longer on this show. Neither does Robyn for that matter. It seems like she does well at dinner service, but is horrible at challenges. Also, not much happening between challenge/dinner service is bring the entertainment value of this series down.

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