Kid Brooklyn: Genesis #1 Review: Not Polished Enough

It’s always great that a father and son bond over something they both love. If that thing is comics, more power to them. Joseph and Jaden Anthony, on the other hand, decided to take that love one step further: team up to make a comic. With artwork by Crimzon Studio, Santiago Guillen and Tina and Amit Ghadge, hey came up with “Kid Brooklyn: Genesis.” While it’s obviously a great father/son bonding idea, the comic isn’t something general audiences will enjoy.

Jaden is just a normal kid starting his first day at a new school despite his dad needing to move him and Jaden in with his sick grandpa. In school, he encounters the usual struggles: a bully and a girl he really likes. However, it turns out that Jaden is the chosen one who will stop an evil intergalactic overlord from taking over the universe.

The story would’ve worked a lot better without the alien and chosen one angle. The comic does spout that this is a story about a kid being a hero, that can be done without any sci/fi elements. There already is an antagonist in this story, a corporation that’s polluting the waters of Brooklyn. However, that one needs a little bit of work. One example is that the company is called “Dump Corporation” and the bully is the son of the CEO. While it’s fine to have some kind of green message, it’s really a turn off when it is shoved in your face like it is in this comic.

This comic is in desperate need of an editor. There are plenty of awkward phrases and misused words. Some examples are “your” instead of “you’re” and “sensai” instead of “sensei.” Also, there’s this piece of dialogue, “you are all are wasting your time!” Speaking of the writing, there are times when there are exposition boxes that exposit what we already can figure out in the panel.

The artwork is OK at best. While the main human characters look fine and the Brooklyn backdrop is nice and all, the aliens look generic. On top of that, some of the minor characters just look non-existent with some even not having faces. In fact, we never even see what Jaden’s grandpa looks like. He’s just a shadow. Why is one of the most important people in Jaden’s life just a figure less shadow?

“Kid Brooklyn: Genesis” has a ton of problems that can be fixed with a few re-writes. The chosen one angle is done to death, the corporation polluting the water angle can work with some tweaks and the art needs some improvement. While it is nice that a father and dad bond over writing a comic, this is one comic that should have been just between the two and not published to the general audience.

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