The Padre Preview: Loaded With Potential

One of the biggest mainstays of PC gaming is the point-and-click adventure. Ask anyone about this genre and they’ll tell you it’s dead. That’s a hard pill to swallow seeing as how “Telltale Games” has been busy resurrecting this genre. Now other, smaller companies are getting in on this Rennaissance. One of them is “Shotgun with Glitters” and their IP “The Padre” set to release early 2018. The alpha build is out and it has a ton of promise.

You play as a priest known as The Padre who is a seasoned demon hunter. One day he gets a letter saying Cardinal Benedictus has gone missing somewhere in the Mississippi Delta and it’s The Padre’s job to find him. This takes him to a scary mansion that, as usual, is haunted.

One of the greatest strengths the alpha has shown is the atmosphere. While, yes, it does take place in one of the most overused horror locations, the mansion still looks and feels creepy. It’s dark in the right places and there are even ghosts and zombies. Yes, both types of horror.

However, a bit later the game starts to become psychological horror when The Padre gets the ability to go through mirrors. This could be something amazing as maybe this whole scenario was in his mind.

Gameplay wise, it plays “Alone in the Dark” where you have to control The Padre every step of the way, use items and even perform combat maneuvers. The alpha shows off both melee and gun combat which seems fine. Add on health, health potions and, according to the developers, boss fights, this may be one intense game.

Sound wise, it needs some work. While the music is creepy, it drowns out The Padre’s voice, which should be fixed. There are also times The Padre should be talking, but we don’t hear his voice. As for how The Padre sounds, imagine Don LaFontaine, but deeper and with a British accent. In a strange way, it fits with the dark and gruff tone the game is going for.

“The Padre’s” alpha has a lot going for it with old-school point-and-click elements, easy to use battle mechanics and a creepy atmosphere any point-and-click and horror fan should be excited about this game.

Editor’s Note: The issue with the sound and the voice of the main character was fixed after the writing of this article. Additionally, Review Fix Editor-In-Chief Patrick Hickey Jr. is the voice of the game’s main character and a Story Editor on the game. Review Fix was not paid in any way for the writing of this article and creation of this content.

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