Review Fix Exclusive: Kevin Davis Talks One in a Million

Review Fix chats with “One in a Million” director and producer Kevin Davis, who discusses the production and why it’s a must see this Fall.

One in a Million Musical Performance Schedule:

Thursday, November 2, 2017, 7:30 PM
Friday, November 3, 2017, 7:30 PM
Saturday, November 4, 2017, 7:30 PM
Thursday, November 9, 2017, 7:30 PM
Friday, November 10, 2017, 7:30 PM
Saturday, November 11, 2017, 7:30 PM

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Review Fix: What was the inspiration for this project?

Davis: I was discussing the pros and cons of gambling with some friends and began to wonder what people would really do with a large sum of money if it just fell into their lap. This led me to do some research on mega Lottery winners and discovered that many had run through their winnings and were now worse off than before they won!

Review Fix: What’s your creative process like?

Davis: I am a jazz musician so I would describe my process as spontaneous. The ideas come to me quickly as colors. When I try to sit down and be “creative” I got nothing!

Review Fix: What makes this different or special?

Davis: We have a large ensemble cast but we manage to let every character shine and reveal themselves. So, there is an intimacy built within the framework of this broad musical .comedy

Review Fix: What did you learn about yourself through this process?

Davis: I learned that I am a very good storyteller and know how to move the story along through music, dialogue and dance.

Review Fix: How does it feel to be a part of something like this?

Davis: It is truly a blessing to work with so many talented people on stage and on the production team. I feel like I love all of them and just want to eat em up and take them home with me.

Review Fix: What are your ultimate goals for this production and for the future?

Davis: Given the universal themes expressed by the lovable losers in my cast, along with the diversity – two young Latina women as the leads –  ,coupled with, the great score that features pop, jazz and rap,  we believe we have all the ingredients needed to stage a show that audiences will love for a long time. I love telling stories about people who feel left out or are on the fringes of society.

Review Fix:  What do you think your audiences will enjoy the most?

Davis: I think the audiences will enjoy everything. They will love  seeing themselves in the characters we “created.” They will also love the diversity of the score, the great acting and the dance routines that help move the story along.

Review Fix: What’s next?

Davis: I have a few projects under development. I think the first thing I’ll get to is a story about human trafficking seen from the eyes of a concerned teacher who comes into contact with children who are victims.

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