Review Fix Exclusive: RickX Talks UVX

Review Fix chats with UVX Director RickX, who tells what makes this unique cinematic experience work.

About UVX:

The Luxury Universal e[X]perience corporation – a communications juggernaut of the 1980s – returns to the mainstream with the next generation of cinematic entertainment: THE UVX FORMAT. A way of melding live-action theatrical entertainment with the panorama of film … in an interactive format. Basically, YOU CAN CHANGE THE MOVIE YOU ARE WATCHING.

LUX has acquired Holmé an underground film masterpiece that – thanks to the film’s creation of “surreality” a hybrid of realism and absurdism – is now enjoying success in commercial circles. Directed by a mysterious cult filmmaker from a screenplay by an underground French auteur, based on the works of a poet associated with the surrealist movement, Holmé centers on a  family coping with life by retreating into a world of fantasy so deep as to blur the lines of actual reality.

The UVX format when applied to Holmé creates an immersive event extravaganza allowing VIP patrons (the LUX Deluxe) the power of the director’s chair, the power to change the entire audience’s experience – WITHOUT EVER LEAVING THE COMFORT OF THEIR THEATER SEATS!  With the power of LUX’s real-time digital film editing, Holmé promises to be the most FUN movie screening you’ll attend … ever.

Review Fix: What was the inspiration for this project?

RickX: I’ve always stood in the shadow of my father and brother, who shall not be named. You know I used to be a former child star, I was too young at the time to really understand the significance of what I was doing but I was always drawn to the allure of the cinema. After my brother’s most recent successful film I decided it was time for me to step up to the filmmaking table and cast my own shadow.

Review Fix: What’s your creative process like?

RickX: I was out late one night drinking in the east village when I ran into Jean Luc at the vanguard. I was in the middle of seducing a beautiful young lady when he penetrated her with his piercing stare. I walked over and said to him, “Hey that was my date” and he replied with something in French which I did not speak. Communication at first was rough but after several bottles of tequila, we had become fast friends despite the language barrier.

I do not recall the exact nature of that conversation but by the end of the evening, we had decided to collaborate on his NYU graduate thesis script, Holmé. I took one look at the script and thought it was amazing. The next day I made sure his visa papers were in order and he and I have been working together ever since. Jean Luc is the mind behind the film, I’m just there to craft his vision. It’s been a blast.

Review Fix: What makes this different or special?

RickX: Listen, I’ve seen a lot of movies in my time, so when approaching this film I watched a lot of independent films on Netflix. And I thought to myself what makes these good? How do they win awards? Then I took the disparate elements from each of those and combined them. I think what makes Holmé great is that it combines all the other great parts of all the other great movies making it one of a kind, much like Orson Welles did with Citizen Kane.

Review Fix: What did you learn about yourself through this process?

RickX: Well this is my first film, and one of the first troubles for any first-time filmmaker is you go in knowing nothing and you have to learn everything on the spot.Raising money for this was harder than I thought and a lot of the things that I had envisioned in Jean Luc’s script couldn’t make the final cut. We had originally hoped to shoot the whole thing in a manor upstate, but when that fell through we had to get creative with our locations. Also, a lot of the things I wanted to have fixed in post I was later informed could not be fixed in post. So really at the end of the day, I learned what’s in your head is very hard to make real and will actually never be real.

Review Fix: How does it feel to be a part of something like this?

RickX: Well like I said I always wanted to be in the movies and now I feel like I have something I can talk to my brother about.

Review Fix: What are your ultimate goals for this production and for the future?

RickX: I think it’s gonna be really big, I think it’s gonna be great. I’ve seen a lot of movies and frankly compared to this they’re all trash. Will it win an Oscar, I don’t know, I‘ll have to ask lux about submitting it.

Review Fix: What do you think your audiences will enjoy the most?

RickX: I think the film has something for everybody. I consider myself an art house connoisseur, like a neo-Goddard. So if you’re into that thing then this film will definitely appeal to you. But also if you’re into the independent scene or like films that have drama or rich characters you’ll dig it. Really it’s got comedy, it’s got tragedy. It’s got everything, it’s about life. If you like life, you’ll love this film.

Review Fix: What’s next?

RickX: I can’t even start to think about my next project. Right now I’m just happy with the check lux has cut me and hoping to continue my dual passions in sailing and rich silks. I’m also happy I can feed my toucan, Sam, on a regular basis now.

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