Smackdown Live Power Rankings: The Bluer Brand Prepares For Survivor Series

Superstars the likes of Randy Orton and Becky Lynch claimed their spots to represent their team at Survivor Series. Check out which other competitor battled for a chance to be a member of the team in this week’s Smackdown Live Power Rankings.

Honorable Mention: Jinder Mahal: He’s not afraid of Brock Lesnar. Mahal made another bold statement that he will destroy his opponent. However, the Beast is a tough competitor and Mahal should be careful with his words.

5: Becky Lynch: The Lass Kicker continues to make a statement. She defeated five other wrestlers for an opportunity to lead the Women’s division at Survivor Series.

4: Charlotte Flair: She wanted to be the leader of the blue brand at Survivor Series and even though the Queen wasn’t victorious, she gave the WWE universe reason of why she deserved to be captain with her dominate competitive side.

3: Randy Orton: The Blue Brand is off to a strong start as Orton earned the right to be a member of the team for Survivor Series.

2: Bobby Roode: He raised the steaks when the Glorious One challenge Dolph Ziggler to a two-out-of -hree falls, Count Anywhere match as Roode feels confident that he will be victorious once again.

1: Baron Corbin: The Lone Wolf will face the Miz at Survivor Series for brand supremacy.

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