Hell’s Kitchen All-Stars Episode 5 Recap

This episode all about as he tries to fit in with a new team and fails miserably at it. It’s an all-star that can’t quite make any friends in an all-new episode of “Hell’s Kitchen All-Stars.”

This episode started with Josh being Josh. He was only on the Red Team for a minute and he was already pushing his weight around. Elise was right to call him out on it. In the morning the chefs were called to go outside where they were met by farm animals. Ramsay asked them which of these animals they’d like to cook with. As is typical of this show, Ramsay threw a wallop. Instead of farm animals, the chefs had to cook using cedar or hickory wood to cook fish. The fish were wahoo, salmon, cod and barramundi.

The catch for this was they had to cook in pairs and one had to cook alone. The pairs were: cooking cod, Michelle and Jennifer and Robyn and Nick. Wahoo was Manda and Barbie and Jared and Benjamin. Barramundi was Dana and Josh and Van (solo.) Salmon was Elise (solo) and Milly and Giovanni.

Josh, the ever-wonderful idiot, thought it was a smart idea to add more charcoal which, obviously, killed the fire.

To help with tasting this challenge was the owner/chef of “Ford’s Filling Station,” and the son of Harrison Ford, Ben Ford. So, that’s what Han Solo’s kids are doing. Oh, and Manda, Han Solo wasn’t a Jedi so you swinging around a lightsaber makes no sense. There were two ties (wahoo and barramundi) while the Blue got the point for cod and Red for Salmon. The tiebreaker, and the best dish was Robyn and Nick’s dish, giving the Blue the win.

For the first time, both winners and losers went to the same place: “Apex Ranch.” The only difference here is that each team did something different. The winners rode on horseback throughout the olive groves.

The Red, however, had to clean up a horse stable. That is after Josh and Elise had a huge argument where Josh called Elise a bully. He also started with Manda at the Ranch. It’s safe to say he’s going to have an early exit.

At dinner service, while both teams finished, there were still mistakes aplenty.

In the Blue, Benjamin was annoying because he was constantly saying “oui, chef.” The mistakes didn’t start until entrees when Robyn dropped a pan with two chicken breasts. On a sadder note, Milly was confused as to what garnish goes with what and not answering Robyn. Milly is supposed to be one of the better chefs and he’s this clueless? Robyn would then bring up an undercooked Wellington.

In the Red, Josh started off with undercooking fried fish. Later, Elise was standing around not helping anyone, waiting until she has to cook something from her station. Basically, typical Elise. Josh would then put too much garlic in spinach and a watery mashed potato. Josh was also slow and he had the Wellington garnish in his hand when the Wellington was ready. Ramsay threw him out. Of course, in typical Josh fashion, he returned to the kitchen, causing Ramsay to take him in the pantry for a talk. It’s here that Ramsay took Josh’s jacket and told him to leave.

The writing was on the wall for Josh. He was not that talented of a chef to be a head chef at one of Ramsay’s restaurants. This episode was the last straw. The reward/punishment section this season is one disappointment after disappointment. Everything else is fine, but this section really needs something to make it interesting.

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