Hell’s Kitchen All-Stars Episode 6 Recap

The so-called all-stars test out their skills making pizza and test the limits of Ramsay’s patience in an all-new episode of “Hell’s Kitchen All-Stars.” Not even a tiny cut will save you from Ramsay’s fury.

On this episode, the chefs were taken to “DeSano Pizza Bakery” where Ramsay was making pizza. Yup, these chefs made pizza. The catch, though, was that they first had to spin a wheel (a giant pizza) with flags on it and use whatever county it lands on as inspiration. They also had to go head to head. They were Robyn VS Barbie (India,) Elise VS Jared (South Korea,) Milly VS Jennifer (Morocco,) Manda VS Van (Vietnam,) Nick VS Dana (Greece,) and Michelle VS Benjamin VS Giovanni (France.)

Those were some odd inspirations for pizza, especially Morocco and Vietnam. Also, Robyn, “rolling pin” are two words no pizza maker ever says or even think of saying.

The Blue had to pick between Giovanni’s or Benjamin’s pizza for tasting and they went with Giovanni. The guest judge was Chef/Owner of “Sotto,” Steve Samson. The winners for each country were Barbie, Milly, Manda, Nick and getting the tiebreaker was Michelle, giving the Red the win. Elise and Jared didn’t get any points at all (Elise completely destroyed hers while it was in the oven.) Giovanni messed up by burning the bottom (rookie mistake.)

The Red’s reward was a day at “Hollywood Magic Castle.” That’s a super exclusive club that’s hard to get into and they got in! And Elise was the assistant for the magician and she was panicking because the magician used her wedding ring for his show. It was amusing to see her panic.

The Blue had to transform the dining room because it was “Italian Night.” Meaning, ironing tablecloths, filling oil and vinegar bottles and grating parmesan cheese. After watching Elise panic, the Blue Team’s punishment was super dull.

At least dinner service served up a ton of drama, especially from the Blue Team. Also, there have been chef’s tables so far, this episode included (Red had Melissa Fumero [“Brooklyn Nine-Nine,] Blue had “Victoria’s Secret” model Devon Windsor,) but they have been nothing more than footnotes.

The Blue Team started off wrong because Benjamin didn’t tell Robyn there were two orders of scallops. Later, Giovanni undercooked two lambs. This caused Ramsay to, you guessed it, take the team to the pantry. We’ve seen for of the pantry in six episodes than in entire seasons past. Also, Van broke one of the major rules: never laugh when dinner service is going wrong, causing Ramsay to take him back into the pantry. Also, Jared’s cut was minor and he acted like he lost a finger by calling “medic.” Robyn was right, he was crashing and burning by not communicating properly. Two overcooked salmons and Ramsay threw the entire Blue Team out.

The Red Team performed much better but had some minor setbacks. Their first big problem was Manda on pasta. Since she has celiac disease, she had to ask Michelle to taste it for her. Her first order was undercooked.

The Blue nominated Jared and Robyn with Jared getting eliminated.

Ramsay was right when he said he was done and his patience was running out. These are all-stars and they’re cooking like amateurs. Jared’s pathetic cut and his overreaction were even worse. His elimination this episode was a blessing. Now that Ramsay is near the end of his patience, these next few episodes should be ten times more interesting than what we’ve been getting.

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