Hunter Haute Review: Mega Solid

To be in any industry you must have a tough skin. To be in fashion, that skin should be granite. Alexia Williams owned her own fashion company. After having been killed, her daughter Amina is back from her time in Brazil. Having given herself breathing room and a chance to grieve her mother in her own way, Amina is reconnecting with friends and starting her own fashion empire. But in the midst of her comeback Amina discovers that students are disappearing.

Created by Kosi Harris with the writing by herself and Phil Buck ‘Haute Hunter’ has a refreshing concept and plausible storyline. Design students who were also interns for a rival company can’t be found. But when Amina is nearly kidnapped things start to get real interesting. The audience soon finds out what she was doing in Brazil for a year. Just what is Amina preparing for and who would attempt to abduct her only touch the surface of this story. As the first issue unfolds you’ll find out that Alexia’s death might not have been an accident. What’s more the dialogue is snappy. Even the low level thugs have quick-wit. Equally as important as the writing is the artwork. The characters drawn by Candace April Lee are age appropriate and realistic looking. You have well proportioned, attractive, fashionable young people. There’s a feeling that you may have bumped into some of them on the street. That relatable manner in which the artwork is done makes you further invested in what happens to Amina and her crew.

This comic book ends too soon. Harris, Buck and Lee have something special in Amina Williams. A young woman of color, kicking butt and solving her own problems, without the use of super powers is important. While Amina is angered about how her mother’s death was handled, she doesn’t allow the need for vengeance to consume her. Instead she takes action in a practical way. Her skills are closer to someone who’s self-aware than getting powers through some catastrophic event. Amina thinks things through, has martial arts training and uses it appropriately. Her desire is not to be looking for trouble in long johns, in the middle of the night. However, she does take the initiative and saves herself. You get the feeling that with effort, you too can be the hero in your own life.

In this day of steroid looking superheroes, excessive reboots and unnecessary crossover storylines, ‘Hunter Haute’ must be a regular series.

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