Review Fix Exclusive: C.K. Flach Talks ‘Empty Mansions’ And More

Review Fix chats with singer/songwriter C.K. Flask to learn all about his new album, “Empty Mansions.”

Review Fix: As an artist what were some of the challenges you faced as you were working on your album Empty Mansions?

C.K. Flach: I would say first and foremost would be the insecurity and uncertainty of working on a project alone, behind closed doors and then just sending it out there with little feedback prior. I was pretty psyched about it and felt like for a first-time self-release it came out pretty good and I just hoped that others would appreciate it for what it was.

Review Fix: If someone asked you to describe your album in three words what would you say to them?

Flach: Raw, obscure and searching.

Review Fix: Is there a particular song or songs on the album that you particularly like and why?

Flach: I like Lazarus the most. I think it forecasts the direction I’m headed in with new material and the overall sound I’m looking for. Boxcar as well for the same reasons.

Review Fix: What inspired you to start working on Empty Mansions and what do you expect your listeners to look forward to as an artist?

Flach: I just wanted to get my hands dirty. Record a full-length album of my own material. I learned so much about recording, writing, arrangements and most importantly myself. I plan to take all I learned with Empty Mansions and put it to use on my next release. Hopefully coming across with a little more experience, maturity, and skill.

Review Fix: When you listen to your album what are some of the things that immediately stick out at you? What’s your signature that you left?

Flach: I hear some blemishes in the recording, as far as technicality goes, but I also hear some high points and vocal work that I like. I also hear myself searching. I think the signature would be the more unique lyrics. I try not write down anything too common.

Review Fix: Can you describe yourself as an artist in 3 words?

Flach: Do I have to? (Haha) Seriously though, Determined, searching and hopeful.

Review Fix: What are some things you hope to do as an artist moving forward with the release of Empty Mansions?

Flach: Just earn some exposure and get feedback that I can use for the future. I’m hoping to collect some constructive criticism.

Review Fix: Why Empty Mansions as your Album Title/cover?

Flach: It just came to me one day. It’s really relevant to where I come from and how I see the world.

Review Fix: How long did it take you to complete this album and how was the fabrication part of it like while working on it?

Flach: It took a few months. I experimented quite a bit with different recording methods and layed each track down individually so it took some time.

Review Fix: Did you have any doubts while working on this album, and if so what were they?

Flach: Of course. I doubted my vocal ability, my lyrics, the quality of the recording, pretty much everything. I’m happy to say though that it has been well-received as a homemade album. It gave me a platform to stand on though, which I’m happy about.

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