Will Modern Pop Hits Be Considered Classics in the Future?

How Does Pop Music Influence an Era?

Whether you love listening to music or it doesn’t affect your life, you’ve definitely heard some of the most popular pop hits played on the radio. If you have also the advantage of having experienced different trends in music, it’s impossible to ignore the difference between pop music now and in the past. Music seems to have undergone a slow but certain decline, as far as quality is concerned. Mass-production of music has reached the level in which all hits sound the same, have a very similar message and even the same musical composition. It is also true the fact that most of the good compositions are now classics and it is very hard to create something totally new, from scratch.

This issue of not being able to create authentic pieces anymore has been present in most of the arts, not only music. It is believed that every piece of art created from a point in the past going onward is nothing but a mere copy of something once originally created. Especially in music, the composition of every song implies having to synchronize numerous sounds and tones in order to achieve the final sound you wish to accompany some possible lyrics. This is why the music industry is experiencing an acute lack of originality, mainly because of the hard time artists have to find original beats, sounds and lyrics.

Is Pop Music Doomed to Be Forgotten?

Despite the fact that starting from the great classics we consider everything created ever since just a copy of something expressed beforehand, there are still examples of what we could call an influential pop hit, which could be turned into a classic at some point, all examples from the 21st century. The main difference between the pop hits playing then and those ones which we are listening to at the radio is consistency, composition. The 21st pop hits were a clear example of consistency mixed with the popular beats that make everyone to listen to it. Even though they weren’t any closer to being a great opus of emotions and very complex feelings, they still managed to convey a specific emotion or feeling which was familiar to the listener.

Apart from that, the song also had a catchy rhythm or lyrics that would make it very easy to remember. To listen to a good pop song is almost as hard as finding top online casinos at playclub-uk.com. Nowadays the situation has changed dramatically, the music industry scene is populated with examples of a song where you cannot even understand what the artist is saying, because of the lack of skills on the artist’s side, who is unable to either pronounce the words or is too lazy to do so. Some of the artists who could be considered as being pop artists with songs which will stay with us for some time now are:

  • Kelly Clarkson
  • Avril Lavigne
  • Gwen Stefani
  • Muse
  • Fall Out Boy
  • Foo Fighters
  • Lorde
  • Taylor Swift

How Do We Know if a Pop Song Will Become a Classic?

There is no famous recipe which any newly launched song can follow in order to become a classic. Most of the songs created today are simply to get your spirit up and don’t have any further intention. And ideally, the music you are listening to is supposed to be a reflection of your emotions, be they bad or good. So the best thing you can do is to continue listening to the music you enjoy and in case you surprise yourself listening to the same music 20 years from now, then those songs are on the right track to becoming full pop hits classics.


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