Capitol Wrestling Episode 33 Coverage: Standing Out

Another episode of Capitol Wrestling is upon and unlike the WWE, where there are dirt sheets and certain things can be expected to take the fun right out of things, each week Capitol Wrestling is different. And although the encounters might not go together all the time, they’re funny and interesting enough to make it stand out from its competitors.

So what happened this week?

Backstage: Candace Cordelia encounters Isaiah Wolf

At the end of a backstage segment, backstage reporter Candace Cordelia gets a call on her phone from Isaiah Wolf, even though the camera shows them less than two feet away from each other. Why is this happening? That’s the $64,000 question. He goes on to say that he trusts Cordelia with information that he trusts nobody else with, even though they’ve barely met 15 minutes ago (supposedly).

Love is in the air… at least, that’s what Wolf thinks. When they finally do turn around and meet face-to-face, Wolf says that he’s going to go win this match for Cordelia, continuing the Isaiah and Candace… relationship? We’ll find out soon enough.

Mempho Mofo addresses the Citizens of the Capitol

According to him, no Capitol Wrestling appearance is complete without an appearance from the Mempho Mofo. He couldn’t compete because he was diagnosed with blood clots in his legs and his lungs, and that the drugs they have him under make him only more violent. But then, Isaiah Wolf (remember him?) and his partner, Good Hank Flanders entered the ring. Oh doctor. This then morphed into a two-on-one handicap match against the Mofo’s originally scheduled opponent, Jasin Karloff, while the Mofo went on to do commentary with Harry Terjanian and Steven James.

Steven James by the way, sounds like the most boring name on the planet. Except maybe Barry Allen or Shane Stevens.

Jasin Karloff vs. Isaiah Wolf & Good Hank Flanders: This match lasted almost twice as long as Daniel Bryan’s match vs. Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania 28. This isn’t a joke. At 385 pounds, Karloff steamrolled his two opponents with ease. After throwing Wolf out of the ring almost instantly, an inspired Brock Lesnar F5 ended the misery. Looks like Wolf is going home alone tonight.

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