Giants #1 Review: Underwhelming

The post-apocalyptic genre is alive and well today with a ton of stuff being released from every imaginable platform. One of the newest inclusions is a comic by the Valderrama brothers, Carlos and Miguel called “Giants.” The first issue is more a dwarf than a giant.

In a world where the surface is a never-ending winter that’s crawling with giants, two youths are trying everything they can to join a gang called the “Blood Wolves.” One day they are sent to the surface to retrieve a precious rock called “Ambernoir,” but things don’t go smoothly for our heroes.

While the setting sounds like an “Attack on Titan” rip-off, the actual story is more akin to every other post-apocalyptic story where the main leads are just trying to survive in this crazy world. Of course, characterization would wipe off every trace of cliché if done properly. This first issue just introduces us to the main leads in a big fight, they are then told their mission and then everything goes wrong. There isn’t much characterization here since both leads come across as the same character. Added all up, and you get a story that’s average.

The art is a little better than the story. The best aspect is the designs of the giants. They look nice and imposing as are their bones when the characters come across them. In fact, the best-looking panel in this issue is seeing giants come across each other in what looks like the beginning of a fight. The character designs, as well as backgrounds, are OK. Nothing special, but not anything that says the Valderrama brothers can’t draw.

“Giants #1” has an average story and above average art. It does its job of pleasing people who enjoy this genre, but for now, it’s nothing too spectacular. The Valderrama brothers may have something big in mind, but the story and requires stronger writing.

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