Hell’s Kitchen All-Stars Episode 10 Recap

Ramsay isn’t feeling a bit charitable with these chefs as their palates are put to the test and Michelle, Barbie and Elise are still at it in an all-new episode of “Hell’s Kitchen All-Stars.”

In this episode, there was a camel in the dining room! You have to love when Ramsay brings animals into the dining room. This was just an awesome way of introducing the day’s challenge: the blind taste test. Yup, it was that time of the season. Of course, there were two catches. One was that it was mashed potatoes with various herbs and spices. Two, one member of each team was in front of a mashed potato cannon (yup) and if the chef who was tasting guessed two wrong, that chef got blasted with mashed potatoes. Three wrong, it was gravy. Four wrong and it was both. Evil, pure evil genius, call it what you want, it was amazing.

The chefs that got both were Michelle, Dana, and Barbie.

The potatoes were Robyn, Jennifer and Benjamin.

The Blue won 2-8. Yup, out of Jennifer, Barbie and Elise, Barbie was the only one to get any right (mustard and parmesan.) That was embarrassing.

The Blue’s reward was lunch at “Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion” and “Vitamix” blenders.

The Red had to separate and grind peppercorns. They also had to shampoo the carpet by hand. Of course, Michelle had to say that Barbie should have been eliminated last week. If sous chef Christina didn’t walk in, there would have been a blowup.

In this episode’s dinner service, “Hell’s Kitchen” had two twelve-tops that had a charity. The Red had Leukemia and Lymphoma Society” and the Blue had “Shane’s Inspiration.” Also, each chef had to lead in one of five courses: scallops (Nick and Michelle,) lobster spaghetti (Robyn and Jennifer,) striped bass (Milly and Elise,) beef filet Rossini (Benjamin and Barbie) and passion fruit soufflé (Nick and Dana.) We all know these dinner services go about as smooth as a driving on a street that just got ripped up.

On the scallops, the Red was missing three scallops on one plate and the Blue’s scallops were darker on each plate. Robyn even tried to start the next course, but Ramsay stopped that. On the spaghetti, the Blue had trouble with portion control. On the bass, the Red’s sauce had no seasoning and the bass was burned. On the beef, the Red burned the potatoes (watching Ramsay throwing the burned potatoes at Marino and Marino catching them was hilarious) and Barbie started with Michelle again. Finally, no problems with the soufflé.

The losing team was the Red and they had to choose two for elimination. Once again, the Red Team started a huge shouting match right before elimination. Of course, it was Barbie and Elise starting it and Elise had to throw Jennifer under the bus. They chose Elise and Barbie with Barbie getting eliminated.

That’s one crazy bitch gone. Barbie wasn’t that bad of a chef, but she just flips out way too easily and causes way too many arguments. All that’s left is for Elise and Michelle to go and all the drama that’s in this season is gone. This Red Team is just one disaster after another. It went from funny to sad and somebody needs to stick a fork in this team.

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