Hell’s Kitchen All-Stars Episode 8 Recap

One of the patterns that keep on going this season of is that the Red Team is a complete and total mess, and that continues in an all-new episode of “Hell’s Kitchen All-Stars.” It’s like a jungle in that kitchen.

In this episode, the dining room was decked out to look like a jungle. According to Ramsay, this was where the chefs were going to “hunt.” What that meant was the chefs were cook exotic meats (elk, wild boar and venison) and the chefs had to use spears, search for ingredients in the “jungle, and spear the ones they wanted to use.

The funniest parts were Jennifer getting the spear stuck on the floor and Nick accidentally hitting Ramsay with the back of the spear.

Of course, since this was a game challenge, the guest judges were the owners of “Animal” Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo. Van got the point for his boar, beating Milly (undercooked,) Manda (she put it back in the pan due to it being undercooked) and Jennifer. Elise’s venison beat out Nick and Dana. Finally, on the elk, Robyn beat out Benjamin, Barbie and Michelle, giving the Blue the win.

Their reward was a day at “Hummingbird Nest Ranch” where they ate caviar and that was pretty much it. It was much more interesting on the Red.

The Red had to suffer one of the worst punishments in “Hell’s Kitchen” history: spring cleaning. Of course, Elise thought that since she had the best dish in the Red she could join the Blue for their reward. That’s not how any of this works, Elise. Also, how the hell do these dorms get this dirty every season? Seriously, these chefs are pigs.

In the middle of service, the Red got an unexpected chefs table:” Goo Goo Dolls” lead singer John Rzeznik. While the Blue was perfect, the Red was once again a disaster.

In the Red, Jennifer had to help with Elise on what seemed like everything. She didn’t know it Jennifer meant to cut a flatbread into six pieces or six times. It’s obvious Elise only knows how to do well by herself but is horrible at working as a team. Things didn’t fall apart for this until Manda didn’t hear that she had three pork, which backed up the kitchen. A raw duck caused Ramsay to take the team in the pantry for a talk. That’s been happening a lot recently. Later, Barbie undercooked a chicken because Michelle thought it was cooked. Another raw chicken and duck later, and the entire Red Team was kicked out and the Blue had to finish up.

The Red nominated Barbie and Manda with Manda getting the ax.

This Red Team is a nightmare. These are supposed to be all-stars and yet these chefs are terrible. Elise may have an attitude, but she has some skill at cooking. It seems like a Blue Team member will win this season unless something spectacular happens.

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