Hell’s Kitchen All-Stars Episode 9 Recap

Elise is at her old tricks again, this time it’s with Barbie in an all-new episode of “Hell’s Kitchen All-Stars.” Maybe a nice dip in a lake would calm both of them down.

This episode started with Elise and Michelle arguing, setting the tone of the episode. This even boiled over into the next day. Elise going “boop” to everyone was annoying.

Anyway, the day’s challenge took place outside “Hell’s Kitchen” where there was a boat and Ramsay asked, “anyone want to go fishing?” Fishing in the case meant each team member had to choose one fish (Dover sole, red snapper, grouper, arctic char and cod) look for up to seven ingredients attached to a lure inside a man-made lake, put the lures inside the fish and throw it to their teammate until time runs out.

The Seattle fishmongers these chefs aren’t. Everyone had trouble hatching a fish and Elise only had only three ingredients. That takes talent to only get three ingredients in a challenge. That bit her in the butt during tasting when her snapper didn’t get a point and even said: “I’m at a disadvantage.” Elise, shut up. You put yourself at a disadvantage and there was a chef who had only three ingredients to work with one season and got a point.

To help with tasting was the owner of “Providence” Michael Cimarusti. The final score was 4-2 Blue with Jennifer and Dana only ones on the Red to get points,

The Blue’s reward was a trip to Las Vegas where they were on a private jet, stayed at “Caesar’s Palace” and rode the “High Roller” Ferris wheel.

The Red had to endure fish delivery day where they had to unload and clean fish. They also had to drink a “protein shake.” We all know what’s in those protein shakes, and they’re not pretty. Barbie decided to be smart and dump all her shake into her bucket. That caused the rest of the team to be forced to finish their shakes. Hope you enjoy watching people throw up because there were lots of that here.

At dinner service (Asian fusion night,) both teams had plenty of low points even with chef’s tables. The Red had Cheryl Burke from “Dancing with the Stars” and the Blue had Dan Bucatinsky from “Scandal.”

In the Red, Barbie was starstruck Burke. This made Elise repeat everything Barbie said when she was told to lead. This was another one of Elise’s plans to make her teammate look bad. Elise continued to have an attitude with Barbie throughout service, even with sous chef Christina telling them to stop. After Barbie undercooked an NY strip, Ramsay, you guessed it, took the entire team in the pantry. This is getting old quick. Later, Barbie went straight to the chef’s table and asked how things were. Elise even tried to take her away. Just like the pantry, this feud is getting old. Even Ramsay wanted them to sort it out.

The Blue did well until Milly overcooked an NY strip. Later, Van overcooked a salmon and shut down. That’s never a good sign.

This time, both teams had to choose two people for elimination. The Red Chose Barbie and Elise and the Blue chose Milly and Robyn. Ramsay also wanted to speak with Van who was eliminated.

Elise has gotten a bit too out of control She’s feuding with everyone and it’s only making the Red Team look like a weaker team than they really are. She needs to go soon. Van getting eliminated was a bit of a surprise since his performance wasn’t that terrible.

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