Inside Star Traders: Frontiers

Old School Gamer Magazine chats with Trese Brothers Co-Founders Games Cory Trese and Andrew Trese, who give us the rundown of the newest addition to the Star Traders Universe, Frontiers. Built in the retro fashion, with a small deep and a focus on replayability and sheer gameplay depth, Frontiers is a reminder that amazing games are all about the memories they inspire or the ones they are able to bring back.

Old School Gamer Magazine: How was Star Traders: Frontiers born?

Cory: Star Traders: Frontiers was born in 2011 – the first time I got really excited about a user’s feature request for Star Traders RPG (but knew in my heart that it was far beyond the capabilities of the game engine I had built).

Andrew: Yeah – at that point, Star Traders RPG was already out and pretty exciting. We had a growing community of players around it – and they were hungry for more. There came a time where we realized what we wanted to create in the game was beyond the engine – and we started having to tell players, “We might do that in Star Traders 2.”  And so, the kernel that is Star Traders: Frontiers was born!

Old School Gamer Magazine: What has development been like so far?

Cory: The development process for Star Traders: Frontiers has been a journey spanning both space and time for us. With a team of just two people, personal lives can have a major impact on schedule. In the time between the creation of the Kickstarter campaign and the release of the game, we’ve both made multiple state moves at least once. The development has been a battle at times: We’ve pushed ourselves and our abilities pretty hard – sometimes way outside the comfort zone we’d established on previous games.

Andrew: Coming back to build a new space-opera game has felt like a revival in many ways.  We’ve recently built some amazing turn-based tactics RPGs (Heroes of Steel and Templar Battleforce). Star Traders: Frontiers is so different. It’s a big change going from on-the-ground AI routines to multi-year personal and political goal simulations!

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