Just Dance 2018 Demo Thoughts

“Just Dance 2018” is the second in the series to hit the Nintendo Switch, with the first one being “Just Dance 2017” in the same year. The Nintendo Switch’s Joycon controllers have proved once again to be the definitive motion-control gaming experience, replacing the large and clunky Wii controllers where the “Just Dance” series originated. The demo’s solid presentation is sure to draw in fans of both rhythm-based dance games and pop music.

“Just Dance” was originally released for the Nintendo Wii in 2009 and thanks to the overwhelming sales of the Wii console and the appeal of motion control during the time, this boogied-out game series single-handedly popularized the dance game genre. However, the Wii’s sensor bar and enormous controller made the experience feel more like a simulation than a true dancing experience. This all changes in 2017 with the Nintendo Switch’s tiny Joycon controllers that fit in your hands comfortably while you dance to the on-screen indicators. Without the need of a sensor bar, you can move a lot more freely, giving the game a more authentic experience. No more hitting your friends over the head with a giant Wii remote.

The demo fittingly includes 2017’s most popular and recognizable song: “24k Magic” by Bruno Mars and is a great way to appeal to the largest demographic possible. With the promise of artists like Queen, and even Hatsune Miku, it’s a shame there aren’t at least two songs available to try before purchasing. The movements the song requires you to perform are simplistic enough, but the scoring system is all but rewarding. You can trip and make opposite movements, but you’ll still get away with at least four out of five stars. Precision is thrown out the window for over-accessibility.

With any good demo, presentation is the most important thing to achieve. “Just Dance 2018” gives you a drop of what seems to be a pot-full of content the game offers. The demo does its job of showing off its accurate motion-control capabilities, but there isn’t enough content to go off by when deciding to add the full game to your Nintendo Switch library.

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