Review Fix Exclusive: Scott Miller Talks ‘GodMode’ Brain Supplement

Review Fix chats with Scott Miller, Boss Level Labs CEO who discusses his company’s brain supplement “GodMode,” which they call, “a breakthrough brain supplement that is a scientific mix of pharmaceutical grade, FDA-approved ingredients, each shown in published studies to deliver profound cognitive benefits. A veritable cheat mode for the mind.” Detailing it’s creation and who could get the most out of it, Miller believes it’s a supplement gamers and all creative types can benefit from.

About Boss Level Labs

Located in Dallas, TX, Boss Level Labs was launched by long-time game industry legend and CEO Scott Miller, best known as the pioneer of shareware gaming with Apogee Software (Wolfenstein 3D, Raptor, Rise of the Triad) and 3D Realms (Duke Nukem, Max Payne, Shadow Warrior, Prey). The company also features successful game industry veterans Andy Tong (President & Co-Founder), Michael Tong (COO & Co-Founder), Dr. Shota Yamamoto (Chief Science Officer), and Jeron Moore. The leadership team at Boss Level Labs embraces a strong passion for health and brain-hacking techniques. The company’s flagship product, a brain supplement called GodMode, is the result of over 40 years of combined passion, study, education, and self-application of these ingredients. Learn more at

Review Fix: Why was this product created?

Scott Miller: For the founders, it’s an intersection of passions: gaming and health performance. Plus there’s the interesting aspect of the challenge of educating people on the benefits of natural and safe nootropics, which have been studied and in use for decades, but the vast majority of people are completely unaware of.

I think a part of the challenge is that most people, included those in the medical profession, have a deep-rutted belief that if a chemical is not created by a pharmaceutical company, it’s simply not useful or effective. We’ve already had to deal with several GodMode reviews where this misinformed opinion is the pervasive argument against our product (and I guess against ANY supplement, for that matter).

But there’s an ever growing number of supplement users (I’ve been using them hardcore for 20 years) who are trying to be pro-active with their health, and for them, nootropics is the next frontier to explore. We hope that a small percentage of gamers are among this growing group.

Review Fix: How does it specifically help gamers?

Miller: Well, truthfully, it helps anyone who uses their brain for, y’know, thinking. But we’re initially targeting the gamer segment because it’s a market that could likely really benefit from some nutritious brain “food,” especially given the non-nutritious eating habits of many of the gamers I’ve witnessed.

Think of GodMode as a vitamin pack for the brain. The brain operates at a faster, more effective level when certain key neurotransmitters are boosted. Most of the ingredients in GodMode have this effect. (Attached I’ve added some good reading about each of GodMode’s ingredients.) GodMode also includes a few ingredients that reduce stress under pressure (and also negate the potential jitters due to the caffeine content.)

BTW, the caffeine is included specifically due to a study showing an increase in reaction speed when taken with Theanine (another GodMode ingredient).

Review Fix: Who else would benefit from using it?

Miller: Students, teachers, architects, military personal, nuclear physicists, film directors, CPA’s, artists, and maybe even Presidents.

Review Fix: Why do you support this product?

Miller: While I’ve still deeply involved with game development, I love also being involved in a business where people can hopefully be a better version of themselves. We’re definitely not promising anything like in the film, Limitless (maybe one day!), but I know that I personally benefit from using these ingredients the last many years, and already we have numerous customers who’ve told us very positive things. We’re still getting started and growing, and learning ourselves how to better market GodMode, which I sincerely believe is the best nootropic formulation on the market, for example, compared to Alpha Brain (good, but not great) and Prevagen (pure BS).

Review Fix: What’s next?

Miller: Once we get our new, much better/faster/cleaner website up next year, we’re going to look into doing a GodMode shot and/or drink. A lot of people have told us they are not a fan of swallowing pills, so a different way to use GodMode is high on our list.

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