Popular Video Game Characters Reinvented as Successful Casino Games


Whether you’re an Xbox, Nintendo or PlayStation player, you probably have those moments right after finishing a game, when you wish there were more. But rather than waiting for a new installment that may never come, you could look for spin-offs. Sometimes, spin-offs are all you’ll get.


These spin-offs are often in the form of online casino slots. Here are some of the best online slots based on video game characters that you just can’t get enough of. You’ll notice Marvel characters seem to make it into slots machines often. Top casino game developers like Playtech, Microgaming and others have created some cool slots based on video game characters offering hours of enjoyment.




Superman is a star. He has his comic books, movies, and games. When you’re waiting for the next offering from the Superman franchise, you could check out video slot games featuring Superman. You’ll find them at most online casino sites like Plush Casino. Superman slots are everywhere. NextGen’s Superman Slot Machine gives you the chance to capture Lex Luther and rescue hostages. The Save the World bonus is an additional fun bonus with huge rewards. Every spin is full of surprises, bonus rounds and free spins.  




The Blade is one of the coolest comic book heroes that you’ll come across on the Marvel roster. He’s a half-vampire and half-man with a cult following that slowly grew since his appearance as a supporting character in a Dracula comic. He’s a martial arts expert and skilled swordsman. He has enhanced senses and superhuman speed, strength and agility. In other words, he is a killing machine and takes on the quest of exterminating vampires. The funny thing is, vampires were never so cool before Blade. He has his film and television series. You can now play Blade-themed slots by slot developers like Playtech, where you get to see Wesley Snipes again and enjoy big wins.  


Iron Man


Iron Man is yet another popular superhero who has been somewhat quiet lately, except for his inclusion on the Avenger’s team. If you miss Iron Man when the Avengers are quiet, you have three slots that you can play at casinos like Plush Casino. There’s a progressive jackpot that grows, and when you max it, you can make your own Iron Man suit! There are exciting power-ups, flash bonus rounds, free spins and fun slot adventures for fans of Tony Stark.


Lara Croft


Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft is a badass, not to mention attractive, archaeologist who gives Indiana Jones a run for his money. She has featured in movies, comic books and video games. We probably remember the Lara Croft from the video games. She is a strong female character who makes people pay and gets stuff done. The Tomb Raider heroine is going to make an appearance in a 2018 movie, but meanwhile, she hasn’t been seen in the video games since 2015. If you miss her, you should check out the Tomb Raider slots that have been released by Microgaming. The slots have amazing epic bonuses and plenty of rewarding offers for players.

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