Review Fix Exclusive: Inside ‘Furi’ on the Nintendo Switch

Review Fix chats with the Game Bakers’ Emeric Thoa, who lets us know all about the dual-stick sword-fighting/shooting mayhem that is Furi on the Nintendo Switch.

Review Fix: What was it like to develop on the Switch?

Emeric Thoa: It was a big improvement since the WiiU. A lot of the development features and process have been improved, it’s much more streamlined. It’s also a pretty simple process overall, as the Switch focuses on gameplay more than on social features for instance (no achievements or share screen or whatever adds complexity to the development of the core game).

Review Fix: Any hurdles?

Thoa: Of course, the framerate was the big hurdle. It took us three months to even know if we’d be able to bring Furi on Switch. But we finished by finding the right optimisations. The ones that wouldn’t affect the game (not visually nor in gameplay). For instance, the hair and coat of the MC have physics-based movement in the PS4 version and are animated in the Switch version, but you can’t tell the difference visually.

Review Fix: How does this version stack up with the other versions?

Thoa: IIn terms of performances and visual, it’s similar to the PS4 version. The gameplay is even better than on the PS4 release because it benefits from all our updates and improvement since that date. And the Switch version also includes the DLC “One More Fight” and the ability to speedrun in Furier difficulty.

Review Fix: Why must someone play this game on the Switch?

Thoa: Well, by nature, the Switch allows to play the game on the go, which is pretty cool when you are this close to beat a boss but you need to go somewhere. Also, Furi is still a pretty unique game and it’ll be a nice addition to the Switch line up who doesn’t have that many beat’em up at the moment.

Review Fix: It’s been a year since the game’s original release, what makes the gameplay still fresh?

Thoa: I’m still waiting for a game that will be “like Furi”. I’m actually very excited by No More Heroes 3 that will come on Switch (this year I guess). But Furi is going to keep being fresh for a long time, it’s a very original blend of shooting and sword fighting, and the character design and music gives it a ton of personality.

Review Fix: What’s next?

Thoa: We are working on something, and I can’t tell too much at the moment, but it’s going to be a very different game. Furi is Furi, and we are very proud of it. Making another Furi like game would be choosing the easy road. We need to surprise, to make new stuff.

Review Fix: Anything else you’d like to add?

Thoa: It’s been incredible to see how the fanbase grew over time. People became very fond of the game. We’ve received a lot of messages saying it’s a very “satisfying” experience. This makes me very happy and I’m very grateful to the players who have supported us until now. We’re making another game thanks to them!

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