OK Sir Insult and Hollywood Roast Simulator Review: Laden With Potential But A Miss

Using solid grammar skills as a weapon? That’s exactly what occurs in OK Sir’s Insult and Roast Simulators on the Nintendo Switch. Goofy and quirky, they’re a pair of games that you’ll end up remembering for a while, in spite of the fact that they offer some of the thinnest gameplay experiences on Nintendo’s new console to date.

You wouldn’t think putting words together to form sentences would be fun, but it definitely has its moments. Almost like a game of Cards Against Humanity, the unpredictability of both of these titles at times is downright silly. Using creativity and bizarre word combinations, it’s here where the game shines the most. While never breaking the wheel, things can get funny at times. However, after a few games, the limited amount of words and phrases rears its ugly head and you’re left with a repetitive and shallow gameplay experience.

While the addition of different characters (parodies of Marilyn Monroe and Daniel Radcliffe and even HP Lovecraft) and voice acting in both games spices things up a tad, it’s essentially the same game, just with a different coat of paint. As a result, if you’re not a fan of one game, the chances of you falling for the other are slim.

Suited more for a mobile phone than the Nintendo Switch, both of the OK Sir games are thin on challenge and content and the fun doesn’t last long. While the art is unique and the developers put a lot into the game in spite of its minuscule $1.99 price tag, in terms of fun, you get what you pay for eventually.

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