Attack of the Southern Fried Zombies Review: A Disappointment

“Attack of the Southern Fried Zombies.” That title alone should make anyone laugh and want to see this movie. That title makes this out to be some kind of zombie comedy that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Sadly, this movie does take itself seriously and its many faults hurt this movie.

In Charleston, Mississippi, a major company called “GloboBioTech” has decided to test out their new herbicide called ‘Quadoxin.” What happens is, obviously, this causes the people of Charleston to turn into zombies when they eat the local plant life. Now, a group of survivors is trying to find a way out of Charleston with their lives intact.

It’s the typical zombie story that’s been done a million times over with little new happening. Of course, movies like “Shaun of the Dead” have figured out how to keep the zombie genre fresh. This movie fails in that respect. We have the typical cast of characters, some include the stoners, the normal guy, the girl the normal guy likes, the hot chick, the bad ass hot chick and the black guys. All of them do have some development, but in the end, you don’t care about either of them. At least one of the black guys didn’t die first.

The zombie action is the one thing you don’t want it to be: boring. Even when things hit the ceiling it’s more yawn-inducing than enjoyable. This is made worse by the fact that it’s obvious that this is low budget. Obvious CGI runs rampant in this movie to the point where even a kill that’s supposed to look awesome will net a groan. Even the huge explosion at the end looks super fake. While using CGI isn’t a terrible thing, it is when it’s obvious.

Poor acting is a staple of zombie movies and this one is no different. The actors do seem like they’re trying, but with what they have to work with it’s as poor as expected. At least Michael Joiner as Mayor Luckwood hammed it up, making him the best thing in this movie.

“Attack of the Southern Fried Zombies” may sound like a comedy, but it’s a straight-up zombie movie that doesn’t do anything new with boring characters and action and horrible CGI. It isn’t even worth watching with a group of friends to make fun of it “Mystery Science Theater 3000” style.

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