Inside ‘Hey, Look Up!’

Gabor Szucs, co-founder of Draco Intra, tells us all about the nifty indie game, “Hey, Look Up!” breaking down the influences for the game, the goals for it moving forward and exactly why we have to check it out.

Review Fix: What inspired this game?

Gabor Szucs: The idea came when me and my wife Nina were just strolling around on the beach. We were talking about creating a fun casual game that would carry an important message to our generation. While we were brainstorming, we saw many text-walkers coming along and at one point it was just super obvious. Well, when I almost bumped into somebody and I actually said it out loud: “Hey, Look up!”

Review Fix: What games did you play as a kid? How did they influence this one?

Szucs: When I was 13 my family bought our first computer (a 386) to my sister for study purposes – probably :) First thing we did was ask a friend to install Mortal Kombat. I played it for countless hours with my dad. My sister could barely sit at the computer. She didn’t mind, after all. Then we were constantly upgrading our PC. Doom II, NFS, Quake and Quake 2 were my favorite ones. However, if I have to choose one which had the biggest influence on me it must be Half-Life. When I played it I was thinking “Wow, to work at a games studio must be the best job in the world. That is what I want to do.” Now I interpret this as to deliver emotionally connected gaming experiences.

Review Fix: What makes your crowd-funding project special?

Szucs: The theme and setting of the game make the project unique. We are all texting while walking from time to time and once you try the game, I am sure you will remember it the next time you are walking on the street. Although the game carries a very important message, our main goal is to connect and entertain. Hey, Look up! is an adorable, fun game focusing on one of today’s most defining phenomena. Players will use virtual hashtags, selfies, tweets, videos and Facebook check-in locations to gain more and more followers.

Review Fix: What makes this game different?

Szucs: Hey, Look up! is genre-defining. It certainly is… the first-ever endless text-walker. It’s basically endless runner mechanics with a twist. There are no coins, stars or gems to collect, players have to gain followers to unlock new content and soar to the top of the leaderboard. They become virtually famous. However, the game also stays close to the reality as much as it is possible. Every player will recognize different lifelike scenarios, like somebody is walking front of you and then all of the sudden stops or a bicycle left in the middle of the street etc.

Review Fix: Bottom Line, Why should someone play this once it’s available?

Szucs: First, to have a good laugh. It is a pick-up-and-play game with a lot of fun. Especially while commuting home after an epic fight through the busy city. Also, players can engage in a game to sharpen their reflexes, thus preventing themselves from colliding again and again. Compelling, isn’t it?

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