Ninjak vs The Valiant Universe #2 Review: Building Up

Based on the upcoming web-series of the same name ‘Ninjak Vs The Valiant Universe’ not only spotlights the main players in Valiant comics, it lays down the groundwork to go further in depth of the title character. Ninjak has constantly questioned his place in the world. He knows that he’s a spy, but is that his only truth? As his friends gather to put him down, Ninjak has to assess who he needs to be to survive, if he makes it out of this latest escapade. Neville Alcott is loyal to MI-6 and that’s what Ninjak is counting on. Predictably, Neville will give out a kill order and all of Ninjak’s former allies will be called in. And as each character wrestles with how to put Ninjak down perhaps it will give him time to figure out a plan to save his godchild and her mother.

Issue two of ‘Ninjak Vs’ introduces every major hero from the comics. Each has a relationship with the English spy-ninja which reveals who is questioning his methods and who can’t wait to kill him. On the surface Ninjak, AKA Colin King is the loose cannon in this world. He believes his loyalties are only to himself. That perspective doesn’t exactly make blind followers. However, those who know him give him the benefit of the doubt, or want to keep Colin alive long enough to get an explanation. Still, the focus on the interplay between the other characters is what makes this comic work. Livewire and Gilad, the Eternal Warrior have a serious discussion during a surreal circumstance. In their brief discourse, you understand that ‘Ninjak Vs’ is of two camps – those who consider every problem as a nail and themselves as the hammer, and the ones who want to help. And though Colin would welcome a joint effort, his former girlfriend/enemy Roku has plans for what she made Colin steal.

There’s this way in which Ninjak uses his ingenuity to get away from Bloodshot It leads to an important revelation. Seeing blood pooling on the ground shouldn’t have a reaction of idle curiosity. That irreverence from a formidable character, in that small scene, will further pull you in. What’s more, there is no side to take in this narrative. The real question here is where did Roku get the nanites she injected Colin with? And there’s the fun factor, the times when unexpected moments pop up. Overall, you’ll want to see how this all ends.

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