Review Fix Exclusive: Drea Marilyn Talks ‘Calgary’ And More

Review Fix chats with singer/songwriter Drea Marilyn, who discusses her career and new single “Calgary.”

Produced at Unveiled Records by John True and Stephen Johnson and composed and written by Marilyn, “Calgary” is an effervescent track with an arrangement that seems to glisten and undulated under layers of beautiful instrumentation. Drea and guest vocalist, Jonathan Lacayo, create a fiery chemistry together, one that folds into the rhythmic atmosphere of the music with ease. The vocal harmonies fall softly over one another and build an innate sense of airy effortlessness that enraptures the listener from start to finish. The tranquil vibe feeds the story of a love that requires work and dedication, crafting a track that feels equal parts uncertain romance and sensual hopefulness.

Review Fix: How did you get involved in music?

Drea Marilyn: I loved music at an early age. When I was little, my grandmother sat me at the piano and taught me a range of Filipino folk songs by ear. I ended up taking lessons, playing piano in the high school’s jazz band, and going to university for classical piano. Through those experiences, I’ve met an array of different musicians from different walks that constantly inspire me.

Review Fix: What are your influences?

Marilyn: I’m a huge fan of Karen O, Feist, and Norah Jones. I think they’re such wordsmiths and I aspire to be able to tell stories or feelings as eloquently as they do.  As far as the music goes itself, I’m a huge fan of Faure, Jobim, and lots of trip-hop like Hooverphonic, Massive Attack, Zero-7. I think I gravitate towards the melancholy/wistful stuff.

Review Fix: Is there a story behind “Calgary”?

Marilyn: There’s a complexity to the ending of a relationship that’s always interested me. At least in my experiences, breakups are seldom mutual. What happens when a person tries to make it work and the other one’s already thrown in the towel?

Review Fix: What’s your guilty pleasure band? How do they influence you?

Marilyn: 2NE1. It’s a KPop group. I used to teach overseas and my high school students would rave about how they’re so good and different from the typical cookie cutter Kpop band out there. I was pretty late on the 2NE1 bandwagon and pretty much only listened to them when I’d go running. But after a while, I caught myself reading wiki articles about the bandmates, and I’d spend hours watching their music videos. They’ve definitely influenced me to be more dynamic as a performer.

Review Fix: What makes your brand of music special?

Marilyn: It’s kind of all over the place in a good way. I think my influences are eclectic, but I think our band pulls it off. I’ve always had a punk rock rebellious heart, but you know, I’d also play and sing songs that your grandparents would probably like.

Review Fix: Why do you think people should enjoy it?

Marilyn: I think it taps into the human condition in a way people haven’t heard before. It’s a mixture of being, kitschy and wistful all bundled up.

Review Fix: How do you want your music to affect people?

Marilyn: I hope for some, it’s a cathartic release. There’s songs that have moved me or put certain emotions into words I couldn’t quite describe. I hope my music does that for some.

Review Fix: What are your goals for 2018?

Marilyn: I’d love to see my friend’s bands play more. I’ve been wanting to go more local shows and local jams. I’m constantly practicing. I’d like to be able to shred like Joe Satriani hehe.

Review Fix: What’s next?

Marilyn: Currently getting ready for my solo East Coast and South tour this summer along with local shows here in Seattle.  There’s a few music video in the works. I’m also collaborating with a few other producers and musicians here in the Seattle area. I’ve been writing and composing a bit the past couple months so I’m hoping we can get in the studios by the end of the year.


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