Review Fix Exclusive: Wail’s Joakim Jøreng Talks New Album And More

Review Fix chats with Wail Frontman Joakim Jøreng, who discusses the band’s new album, creative process and goals for 2018.

Review Fix: How did you guys get together?

Joakim Jøreng: You know, Wail consists of an ever-growing group of people where the people you see on stage is just a subdivision of the organization traveling around spreading the message. The organization came to be quite some time ago and is based on a common mindset and way of life. Heavy metal is our common language. One of the great preachers known as ‘The Singer’ one day requested some fierce heavy metal performers, which is what people have now known as Wail.

Review Fix: What’s your creative process like?

Jøreng: Composing songs is usually a joint effort between the message that we want to reach out with and finding the right punch and feel from the instrumental section to substantiate that. It’s science on a major level.

Review Fix: What do you think makes this band special?

Jøreng: Well, first of all, this is a band with an agenda. Our agenda is world domination. And while that might not sound very original, the difference is that we really mean it.

Our debut album ‘Resilient’ covers most of the ‘how to’ on how we will achieve this.

Review Fix: How would you describe your style?

Jøreng: Savage, raw, noisy, traditional and provocative. Provocative is not a label we have given ourselves, but you know how it is, everyone gets put in a box with a label on it. For some reason encouraging cannibalism, extremism and joining our cult seems to provoke some weak minded people.

Review Fix: What are your goals for this album?

Jøreng: The goals for this album is putting Wail on the map. Although we have been known as a live act back in Norway for several years, it’s time to get our music out and spread our message to the world.

Review Fix: What’s the standout song? Is there a story behind it?

Jøreng: Because this is a concept album it’s hard to really pick a standout song as each song has an important role. Just for convenience, we can take a look at the first song of the album “Never no more.”

“Never no more” is a first-person perspective from one of Wail’s members on how ze came to join the band. Being a controversial act we have been getting quite a bit of attention in the mainstream media portrayed as extremist savages. The song grasps the feeling of being set free and finding purpose in life.

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