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The magazine world is glutted with themed periodicals that may touch on your inner geek. But there has yet been one that speaks specifically to the nerd within. ‘The Sartorial Geek’ maybe the quarterly magazine that will feed your geek-soul.

There’s something for every aspect of being a nerd. The spread on Allison Cimino’s RockLove jewelry is a line that has celebrated science-fiction and fantasy films through jewelry. However, it’s the jewelry inspired by the film ‘Black Panther’ featured in this issue that will have you seeking her out. The best part of this article may be finding out the history behind the Wakandan bracelet. Each piece Cimino has created is authentic to the film’s vision of a technologically advanced African culture. Even the model for the jewelry has an interesting backstory and we see that being a black woman is not diametrically opposed to being a fan of anime or loving cosplay.

You may also have your pick of favorite features. The ‘Fashion Style Icon’ section will have you questioning just how do we relate to fashion? Is it empowering to only dress yourself in a slip? And is the bowler haircut a sign of defiance? Sam Maggs, writer of ‘Wonder Women’ is interviewed where a major takeaway is that women have always been history makers. Her book places women in their correct place in history and reveals her struggle to get the right information about these women out to the masses. Delving further into this magazine, if you want some inspiration on how to deal with the ironies of illness read Chef Fatima Ali’s interview. You’ll feel like a slacker, but an inspired one. If you’re interested in a classic read, check out the book review section. You may not agree with the review, but it will send you back to ‘Jane Eyre’ and then possibly seek out Jean Rhys’ ‘Wide Sargasso Sea’ to understand why Rochester is problematic as a romantic interest. One article that will have you picking arguments with anyone who doesn’t see value in Elle Woods and Rose Tyler or current antihero, Olivia Pope is Sage Young’s ‘The Spiritual Predecessors of Your Favorite Female Characters.’ Young makes viable arguments for why these fictional female characters are worth paying attention to.

Geek-dom is celebrated and embraced throughout ‘The Sartorial Geek.’ It’s a space where you find a like-minded community of people who are able to balance their nerdiness and real lives in this current climate. Do the puzzle and quiz, read the articles and feel better for having done it. It may be one of the few magazines that you’ll read all the way through.

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