Shadowman Issue 3 Review: Exciting

Jack Boniface has finally embraced his loa. Still, he has much to learn about it, such as where it came from and its name. As Baron Samedi alludes to, these Americans who call themselves Abettors have been bamboozled for decades. In their blind ignorance they accept a Caribbean pantheon to have Latin names. That’s not how that works. In issue three of ‘Shadowman’ Jack wants his scythe back and his friends try to buy him some time.

After the Haitian revolution in 1804, the religion Voodoo went underground in New Orleans. Most likely this was a political move as Haiti was the only successful slave rebellion in the western hemisphere and the United States, still in its infancy could not handle a hint of insurrection. Or hope. Although Voodoo was driven underground it thrived in New Orleans. The names Papa Legba and Baron Samedi still survive all these years later. In this comic Papa Legba is similar to his mythological and spiritual roots. He is the god you seek out when you feel that your life may be at an impasse. And Jack is in need of help since he is trapped on the Deadside. In some cases Legba is also considered the trickster god and though he doesn’t realize it yet, Jack needs that too. Equally as important, Jack with his relationship to the Deadside and his enemies in New Orleans he needs an enemy as great as the issues he’s dealing with. The only one who could be a match is Baron Samedi.

Known for being a main god, Baron Samedi iconic skull-like appearance, top hat and cane is known for his love of good rum, cigars and debauchery. He has a thing for Boniface’s loa. There may be some history between these two deities. Since we still don’t have a clear picture as to what and where the Shadowman’s loa fits into the Voodoo pantheon. It’s possible that it’s a renegade god or perhaps a manifestation of the ancestors of Voodoo practitioners. Whatever the case maybe, Baron Samedi wants to see him suffer. This means putting a spell on Boniface’s scythe and making a promise not to kill him, but make him wish for death. Readers are finally getting to see what it is about the Shadowman that makes him an affront to those on the Deadside.

Overall, this latest installment from the Valiant universe gives the reader hope in that Andy Diggle will delve into the mystery surrounding the Shadowman’s loa, why no one knows its name and possibly its origin. An exciting time for Shadowman fans in the issues to come.

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