Slots Get a New Twist

We all know and have played before a slot machine, fruit machine or one-armed bandit at one time or another, we know what they look like. All pretty standard in their appearance looking similar to one another. Having a screen with 3 to 5 reels or drums inside and the reels are covered all the way round in random images that need to match in a certain way when they stop to claim a prize.

Slots have been this way for more than one hundred years since the first one arm bandit was first invented by an American immigrant back in 1885. So-called a one arm bandit as it only had the one leaver to the right and it robbed the player of its money! Not having any secure fair gambling in those days didn’t help. This, however, did not stop people from playing!

Nowadays you are still able to play these machines in many land-based casinos around the world, the largest collection is in Las Vegas, home of the Casino. Many other land-based casinos still have slots machines but updated video slots versions which still resemble the first slots invented. However, these days they are more colourful and have varying themes from the ancient Egyptian Cleopatra to Trolls and Fairies.

Not only having an improved makeover on the appearance and theme of the games, the reels and drums are gone! No more, as these have been replaced with a video screen mimicking the action of the reels. Same thing just a bit higher Tec, you still have the same amount of reels, and win lines just from a screen. Because of this, you are also now able to play all your favourite slots on your mobile too.

These same reels have been now used for more than 120 years so it’s about time someone invented a newer version of this. Net Entertainment is a successful provider of these video slot games and has come up with a brilliant new slot that will change the way new slots will be designed. NetEnt released a new slot in March 2018 called “Finn and the Swirly Spin” which brings new life to the industry and also the virtual casino. Check out this epic slot here.

This game has the same qualifications to win prizes by matching a certain number of symbols, and different symbols give varying prizes. The biggest obvious difference about this particular slot is that there is just one reel “so to speak.” In fact it’s better to call it a swirl, hence the name of the game. The game screen consists of one large swirl which moves towards the center, and the symbols begin at the start and move around the swirl to the center when the spin function is initiated.

This is like a breath of fresh air for the world of video slots, as these games have imitated one another for over one hundred years. Finn and his Swirly Spin will undoubtedly be one of the’ classic slots that everyone will play and remember. It’s about time that there was a new version of the famous “slot.” There have been some slight variations in the past. The reels have been tilted, placed out of line, drop away and be replaced, even backwards to make things a bit more interesting.

Hopefully, the release of this video slot will be a game changer and force producers go back to their drawing boards and come up with something even more innovative than this. It just goes to show that you can improve on something that is thought not able to be improved. Let’s see what happens, to see if other designers jump on the bandwagon.

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