HexBrand Transit Laptop Tote HX2215 Review: Ready To Go

There seems to be an endless search for the perfect bag. Whether it’s for work or leisure a tote is necessary to fit into your lifestyle. Also when traveling in all aspects of life, you should have some form of comfort. In this regard, the Hexbrand tote may serve your needs.

Called the Transit Laptop Tote (catalog number HX2215 BKNE) it’s comfortable and reliable. If you haul everything on your commute, this bag is suitable. It’s device ready and has soft compartments to hold both your laptop, up to 15” and tablet. There are also smaller outside pockets to hold your metrocard or ID cards and part on the inside that will hold your pens and smartphone. So instead of fumbling through your bag that turns into a black hole, you can have those smaller necessities at the ready. What’s more, the tote bag comes in three colors, grey, black and a tan-like canvas which makes it suitable for men and women. It is a rather large bag (approximately 16.75″L x16.5″W x 5.5″H) and does have some weight to it. However, depending on your day it can convert from a cross-body to on the shoulder. The shoulder strap can also be adjusted depending on how tall you are. Similarly there are short handles if you prefer to hold your bag with one hand.

Furthermore, this bag isn’t scratchy, rather it has a nylon/polyurethane, water-resistant outside coating and metal-type clasps to hold the wide strap. The thing about this all-purpose bag is that it’s easy to clean, has a place for your water bottle and a separate place for your papers. If you’re a teacher, professional or someone who has long days, where you dress one way for the morning and must change when the sun comes down, this bag will accommodate your needs. The one thing that it doesn’t have is RFID protection. You may have to get a wallet that has RFID.

Overall, for just under $100.00 this Hex Transit Laptop tote bag is a decent investment. And for those days when you don’t want to have more than one bag you may want to try this for wherever your commute may take you.

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