Modern Fantasy #1 Review: Interesting And Refreshing

The real world mixed with fantasy creatures has been plenty of times with varying results. It takes a certain type of skill to make it work. “Modern Fantasy” by Rafer Roberts and art by Kristen Gudsnuk is one of those times when it is actually interesting.

In an Earth where all fantasy creatures live alongside humans, Sage of the Riverlands dreams of going on an adventure. It’s too bad she’s stuck at her office job with her orc manager, Bock-Darr, treating her so poorly. One day, her friend’s boyfriend gives her an amulet that he stole and now he’s being held by mobsters who want the amulet back. Sage now has the adventure she wanted.

The plot may not be all the original, but Roberts does a fine job of making Sage and co. feel like actual people and not character types. Having the main just some office worker makes her a lot more believable and it makes the reader feel for her situation better.

The comic even takes time to show us that Sage and everyone is just like normal people by showing them act like how normal people would and not like what your D&D character would act. The comic takes place in a modern city with cars, cell phones, and high-rise building but with fantasy creatures and magic. Roberts obviously knows that and it helps the comic a lot

The artwork nice though not realistic or dark. That works in the comic’s favor. You see, having look like a Saturday morning cartoon means that this is more of a lighthearted story even though one of the characters is about to get killed by mobsters. If it was too realistic and detailed, it would just come off as too edgy.

“Modern Fantasy” is a great real world with fantasy elements story that feels like what a world like that would really be like with interesting characters and art that may not be that great but works in the context of the story.

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