Review Fix Exclusive: Kara Grainger Talks ‘Living With Your Ghost’

Review Fix chats with Aussie singer/songwriter and guitarist Kara Grainger, who discusses her origin in music and creative process for her new album, “Living With Your Ghost,” as well as her goals for the future.

Review Fix: How did you get involved in music?

Kara Grainger: I first started singing with my father when I was around 8 years old, he wasn’t a professional musician but played around the house on a fairly regular basis. My parents also had a wonderful record collection so I was exposed to quite a lot of great music from a very young age.

Review Fix: What’s your creative process like?

Grainger: Often songs will come to me when I’m just fooling around on the guitar if I feel a good enough groove or melody is developing I’ll record it to my phone. I’ll then listen back and try to decipher some lyrics, and there’ll usually be a few solid phrases I can build on.

Review Fix: What inspires you?

Grainger: It sounds corny but I’m very inspired when I’m in a peaceful natural environment. Also seeing a great concert by another musician I admire, and of course trying times, love, loss and heartbreak.

Review Fix: What makes “Living With Your Ghost” a special album?

Grainger: I’m very proud of all my recordings and the musicians I’ve worked with in the past but I do feel Living With Your Ghost is some of my best work. Also having the influence of the producer Anders Osborne makes this album even more special to me.

Review Fix: How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard you?

Grainger: Usually I say my sound is heavily influenced by roots, soul and blues music and I also put the emphasis on recording material with strong lyrical and melodic content.

Review Fix: How are your live shows different from your studio work?

Grainger: I never really play a song the same every time. I like to play off the band and like to let everyone in the band feel free to open up and experiment a little at the live show.

Review Fix: What are your goals for 2018?

Grainger: Well I’ve already achieved a couple but I would like to finish the material for my next album. Also, I hope to get home to Australia at the end of the year which is looking probable.

Review Fix: What’s next?

Grainger: My Summer tour has just begun, I’ll be performing all over the states in the next few months which I’m very much looking forward too. I love being on the road and am very excited about the band I’m working with right now.

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