Review Fix Exclusive: Gordon Thomas Ward Talks ‘Providence’ LP And More

Review Fix chats with singer/songwriter Gordon Thomas Ward, who discusses his new LP, “Providence,” detailing its creative process and goals.

About Ward:

Ward will be releasing his second record Providence on August 30, 2018. Dubbed “New Jersey’s Troubadour” and “the total package” by his fans, Gordon’s music fits into the contemporary folk rock, adult alternative, and Americana genres with quiet acoustic songs mixing with more driving, acoustic-electric pieces and even some country flair. Gordon believe that records should have a theme. To that end, listeners will find that Providence addresses the fleeting beauty and trials of life, which are enhanced and enriched by the passage of time.

Review Fix: What did you learn from your first record and how did it impact this one?

Ward: I learned that marketing the record is just as important as the writing and recording. Also, there is a comfort level that builds with time in the studio, so I felt much more involved in the recording process the second time around.

Review Fix: Is your first record required listening?

Ward: No, listeners can enjoy my new record Providence without having heard Welcome to the Past, although there are some great songs on the first record .

Review Fix: What was the creative process for this LP?

Ward: I definitely had a theme in mind for Providence, one of looking back and appreciating the fragility of life. My co-producer Eric Troyer and took my raw songs and fleshed them out to reflect the moods. I definitely had ideas about additional instrumentation that would accomplish this, and I think the finished product came very close to what i was hearing in my head when the songs were composed.

Review Fix: Whats special about the NJ music scene, if any?

Ward: I think the folk/American?singer-songwriter scene in NJ is very supportive . I’ve developed some great friendships with other artists, and we attend each others’ shows when we can, too. We’re also really good about lending a voice or some instrumentation to others’ recording projects.

Review Fix: What song has the best story behind it?

Ward: Wow! Good question. I guess it depends on the listener’s mood and interests. Most of the songs tell a story of some sort. If you like history, “The Cruelest Work” may turn you on. Then again, “Providence” and “Lamington Dew” tell stories, but they aren’t about historical events. Each track has something unique to offer, so I guess it depends what you’re up for at the moment.

Review Fix: What track do you think is the biggest underdog?

Ward: This is similar to my answer about the best story . There are a lot of styles on this record – country, folk, rock, and even a bit of Celtic and baroque influences. Individuals will gravitate to some tracks more than others, and that’s a result of the varying tastes and influences that I bring to the table as an artist.

Review Fix: How do you want this LP to be remembered?

Ward: I would like Providence to be remembered as a near perfect blend of my talents as a musician and a lyricist. I think the songs have a lot to offer listeners in terms of content. It’s also a very inspiring record that urges listeners to get the most out of life.

Review Fix: What’s one song (from any artist) you love but you’re ashamed of? Why?

Ward: Tough one. I guess I’m not ashamed of loving any song or genre. Music speaks to the soul, so if someone loves a particular song, even though others might not. it’s because the song connected with them for some reason, and that’s what every songwriter hopes happens with their work.

Review Fix: What’s next?

Ward: In short, another record. I’m in the process of blocking out what it will sound like and developing some new material.

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