Starcraft Scavengers #1 Review: Wasted Potential

“Starcraft” is by far the most successful RTS game ever. It has an insanely large and devoted fanbase to the point where there are “Starcraft” tournaments and a ton of merchandise. Among the multitudes of merchandise is comics and “Starcraft: Scavengers” by Jody Houser with art by Gabriel Guzman is one of them. It’s a shame that the story in the first issue treads an all too familiar territory.


The scavenger ship “Magpie” has decided to do some scavenging on Koprulu. What awaits them is the savage aliens Zerg who will try to stop them.

This entire plot is basically “Alien.” A group of people go down to a planet to search for something and are attacked by a violent alien race. It’s an all too familiar scene we’ve seen way too many times and done better elsewhere. The only saving graces are Caleb and Kyra. They’re the only characters worth mentioning and the only ones with a lick of personality. The only to care about this story is to see how far their relationship even if it is a cliched one.

The artwork is also underwhelming. Everything looks so grey and generic all the way down to the character designs. We’ve seen these characters many times in plots just like this to the point where they just blend in. The worst part is the facial expressions are the stuff of nightmares. Yes, there are times where the facial expressions are fine, but mostly they look like they look like they’ve been placed into a blender and whatever blend it created was made into the characters’ faces.

“Starcraft: Scavengers” takes “Starcraft” and tries to be “Alien” and fails. The story does not work, the characters except for two are dull and the artwork is just about as dull as the story. Some “Starcraft” fans may like this, but they shouldn’t expect much out of it.

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