3 Sports That You Should Think About Watching Live

There are many things that people find a deep interest in, and one of them happens to be sports. For several people, it’s an outlet, a form of therapy, a hobby, as well as a way of life. There are numerous ways to express your love for sports which include watching every game religiously, joining a fan club, or actually engaging in the sport during your free time. Another way to indulge in your love for sports would be to go and watch one of your favorite teams play. If you’ve never done so before, it’s definitely something to add to your to-do list. On that note, this article is going to explore three sports that you should think about watching live.


The first sport to consider watching live is the classic game of football. The first televised game took place in the 1930s, and since then, it’s been a sport that’s much-loved throughout America. This is a game that you should consider watching live because of how vibrant the game can be when you’re front row and center. Although there’s an ongoing debate regarding whether the NFL is better to watch on TV or in person, the reality is that if you love feeding off the high-energy of the crowd while watching sports, watching the game unfold in front of you and sharing those emotions with thousands of other people, then it’s definitely a game worth watching live.


Aside from football, another sport to think about watching live is basketball. For all of those who have a love for watching a ball dribble down the court, defense rebound an almost three-pointer and free throw shots, you should consider being live at the court. In 2014, ESPN and TNC reportedly upped their contracts to around $2.6 billion, which means there are fans all over the world who are passionate about the sport. As with football, it’s a chance to share your love for basketball with other fans who share the same interest. In case you’re worried about the cost of tickets, they vary depending on where you choose to sit, so have a look at ticketsales.com to see how prices fare.


The franchise value of major leagues baseball teams as of 2017 was said to be $9.46 billion dollars which are a notable amount. This is likely thanks to the millions of baseball fans around the world who watch the games and buy the merchandise. Although baseball can be a long game to watch, that’s the same reason you should experience it live at least once. It could give you a more in-depth understanding of the game as well as a unique experience you can share with several others.

As a sports fan, you likely spend a lot of your free time thinking about, watching, or playing sports. If this is the case, as mentioned above, you should also consider watching your favorite sport live one day.

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