C. Wired – Omega EP Review: A Tale of Soul and Song

In the music industry since 2013, the 33 years sober-living, entrepreneurial-minded, father and grandfather of four, Chuck Whyard has transformed himself into “C.Wired”, the self-proclaimed “Sage of Song”. With guitar in hand, he channels the power of his native Detroit Rock City with a voice that says no to covers, as C.Wired pushes his own creativity and life experiences in his debut EP, Omega.

Following a philosophy of “my only rules are do no harm and stay out of jail” C. Wired‘s debut EP is built upon the foundation of self-discovery, persistence through hardship, and being free in a world that wishes nothing more than to control. The foundation on which Omega is built is soulful lyrics backed by bluesy melodies and groovy guitar riffs meant for the introspective thinker offering insight on some of life’s harder to grasp ideas such as free thinking and being true to oneself. When everything comes together in this surprisingly easy to digest package an insightful point of view shines through and becomes less about himself and more about the listener’s interpretation of C. Wired’s stories.

Stand-out track “Anna Kissed The Sky,” tells the story of self-acceptance in the fashion of a woman named Anna. One need not hear more than “Tired of living lies, Anna kissed the sky, honesty sublime” to understand the hard-hitting nature of C.Wired’s lyrical prowess as he weaves a tale of finding oneself and self-forgiveness. The rest of the song that further reinforces the lessons, as lyrics such as “fearing her mind of what she might find,” strike at the heart of the subject and further push the introspective narrative of the overall song. The deceptively soft and contemplative flow of the instrumentals compliments the song nicely even as it kicks into overdrive with a climactic guitar solo that feels like the perfect end to the song.

The delivery of C. Wired’s deep and smooth vocals also add to the overall personality of the song making the chorus in which he hits his longer and more melodic notes feel fresh and the song itself more personal, like an old friend telling you about an interesting character they’ve met on their journey of life.

“Getting Sober’s a Bitch” is another track off of Omega worth talking about. As the title implies, the lyrics tell the tale of the realities of alcohol addiction, but in an upbeat fashion and presents lines like “Not today, no more, never again, I’m on the floor” in such a soul-filled fashion that you can’t help but to sing along and nod your head to the beat. The catchy drums and twang of the guitar in the song offer a solid and heavy feel to it, which make each line in the chorus feel like it pounds in your head much like how one may feel after a hard night of drinking but in the most welcoming way. The background vocals emulate a gospel choir which gives the song a personality more akin to a love letter of encouragement to those battling with their own struggle.

“Getting Sober’s a Bitch” is one of the most gripping and engaging songs on the EP and when compared to the other tracks, as it’s heavy and distinct sound sets it apart from the rest of the groovy, bluesy and mellow feel of the EP as a whole.

Omega is a contemporary/alternative rock EP that is delightful from start to finish. Each song feels unique with its own personality, sound, and groove but never feels like it doesn’t belong with the others. The songwriting, production, and composition of the EP are a testament to C. Wired’s experience in the industry as you will no doubt be humming the catchy choruses of each song without even noticing.

Insightful, upbeat and groovy; the first offering from this freewheeling “Sage of Song” is one that will have you not only listening to these catchy tunes over and over but wanting more from this up and coming artist.

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