Review Fix Exclusive: Jerrica Alyssa Talks ‘Those Cherry Lips’

Review Fix chats with singer-songwriter Jerrica Alyssa, who discusses her new single, “Those Cherry Lips,” detailing the inspiration behind the track, as well as her influences and goals for the future.

About “Those Cherry Lips”:

One of those collaborations is her infectious new single, “Those Cherry Lips.” The rhythmic pop meets urban R&B vibe undulates beneath her sultry vocals, dripping with passion and anticipation. It’s the perfect chill track to put you in the mood, and Jerrica’s female-forward reflection of two people meeting in the middle is lush with empowerment and sensuality. A low-tempo beat hums under layers of vocals and hushed breathing, building a sense of heat and movement into every second of the vibrant arrangement. It’s the kind of sound that will make you want to light the candles, turn up the music, and lose yourself in someone you love.

Review Fix: How did you get involved in music?

Jerrica Alyssa: As a young child, I remember my home being filled with music playing all the time.  When my parents would play classic Pop & R&B records by legends like Michael Jackson, I’d always put on a show to sing and dance for my family.  This was the beginning of my musical journey, exhausting my family with my singing, piano and dance.    Music has always been the center of my life, now expressed through my own music.  

Review Fix: What makes this single special to you?

Jerrica Alyssa: This is my first debut single as Jerrica Alyssa.  I wrote it in my hometown and completed it upon my move to Nashville!  I was involved in all aspects of the song from writing & producing, to creating the visuals for the album art, lyric video and acoustic performance video.  My vision for this single has truly come alive! I’m so for excited for my future singles! 

Review Fix: Why does Urban Pop matter?

Jerrica Alyssa: Well from my perspective, Urban Pop is derived from soul and groove, in combination with catchy beats and melodies.  It truly seems to resonate with today’s audiences.  I feel soul is the key to my original music; but my love for pop and urban beats gives me a platform to create!   

Review Fix: How do you think studying Genetics makes you a better singer?

Jerrica Alyssa: My scientific field of study allowed me to understand that becoming a better singer is a combination of the effects of genetics and the influences of my environment.  Meaning, my strong voice is physically influenced by my genetics, but without me nurturing my voice/musicality through training, performing and practice, I would not have become a better singer.  

Review Fix: What are your goals for this track?

Jerrica Alyssa: I want to introduce people to who I am as an artist through this first single.  My hope is that people will be interested in me as an artist and enjoy my music. Then I can continue on my journey with upcoming releases and my love of production, video and art. 

Review Fix: How do you want it to be remembered in a few years?

Jerrica Alyssa: I want “Those Cherry Lips” to serenade lovers, to help people get in a chill, rhythmic groove.  It would be amazing if listeners remember to put it on, to help them ease into the mood.  

Review Fix: What’s next?

Jerrica Alyssa: Enjoying the rhythm of Nashville! Besides my musical work in Pro Tools, I’m starting to get visual chops.  Final Cut Pro, Lightroom and Resolve are my new obsessions.  Not too brag, but my new baby is the lyric video for Those Cherry Lips…I did all myself.  Yeahya!

Review Fix: Anything else you’d like to add?

Jerrica Alyssa: Please keep an eye out for a few videos right away and then new songs starting in November.  I’m not so good at defining myself in a specific genre, so I hope you like the diversity of the tracks and videos….I read and respond to all of my messages, so please tell me what you think!  

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