Review Fix Exclusive: Mary Elizabeth Micari Talks Granny’s Blue-Mers, Magic Apocathary And More

Review Fix chats with Mary Elizabeth Micari, who discusses the future of her Granny’s Blue-Mers show as well as her Magic Apothecary beauty line.

Review Fix: What’s the last year been like?

Mary Elizabeth Micari: Interesting and very busy year! I have finished work on my 1930’s Jazz and Blues Act full of dirty songs from that time after performing that around NYC a lot! So many shows! I took a Burlesque class and performed in April. That was amazing. I’ve decided to now focus on Granny’s the Blue-Mers bawdy song act getting recorded and started a darker more intimate act series called the Lady in Black. So that’s been happening as well. The next performance of that is at Don’t Tell Mama on October 20th @7 PM. Still teaching voice and helping other artists to get their work produced. 

Review Fix: What’s new for your show?

Micari: This show is about my journey in the early part of my life. From about 10 – 30 or so.  Its a deep look at the events that shaped me as a woman in love and in spirit. 

Review Fix: What fueled all these new developments?

Micari: In pulling songs from the 1910-1950 songbook I kept picking these dark and smoky Jazz Noir tunes.  I sewed them together taking out my old diaries and reading them on the stage. It was quite scary and very enlightening to see what exactly I had been doing to myself and the patterns in my love life which led me to understand a something about my self that I had denied or just ignored…that is that I have had a string of love affairs with men who are addicts and two which were even suicidal.  It led me to therapy and the subject of Co-dependency.  What a realization! I am or I was attracted to damaged people and narcissists! Well…. it has been

a lot of waking up. 

Review Fix: How did the idea for the music video come to be?

Micari: I have some great musicians and back up singers involved in both sides of my work (Granny’s and Lady in Black) Each is an individual performer with their own stage power and so that was one of the reasons to get it a song from the Bawdy Blues show on video.  Also, it is a fun and wild show full of loud blues, guitar solos, dirty but well-written lyrics (come on baby …ring my bell etc.) and burlesque! It’s as much visual as it is for the ears. Sequins, feathers, bowler hats, and beautiful women. 

Review Fix: Tell us about how you started The Magic Apothecary?

Micari: I had a lot of very deep experiences studying and working in the NYC Wiccan scene from the late 1990s till now.  I had a double major in college and had been a costume and hair designer most of my life as well as a singer/actress. I had a friend who worked on television and she offered me a Television job if I got my Cosmetology license.  I did. I got no TV jobs but I did work in hair and make up on Broadway and Films for about 10 years.  I worked with the beauty industry a lot during that time (this was my day job but a fun one! Kept singing anyway) and learned much about how to make beauty products. I decided to create magic in soaps, lotions, makeup, perfume and more using both types of knowledge. 

Review Fix: How are these all connected?

Micari: I have always used my voice for sacred healing. When I was Catholic I was part of choirs and deep spirit meetings celebrating God as I knew it to be then. I still use my voice to honor diety. At this time I am Wiccan and have been since 1995 or so.  I use my voice to celebrate the Goddess within me and to bring her to all and these songs are a way of doing it in a less obtrusive way.  All the songs I choose have much to do with love, sex and freedom and my acts center on female empowerment entirely.  I have an all boy band and only women are featured.  I use music, laughter, and beauty to transform and move my audience.  The magic in my products, in spells and in my teaching and exploring is all on stage.  I took some time to study Music and Sound healing techniques from all over the world. I use this knowledge in my voice, my arrangements and the music I choose. If you come to my shows you will be taught, healed and moved! MUSIC is magic! I call my self the Singing Sorceress for a reason! I also use healing techniques I have learned since I was diagnosed with a nasty autoimmune disease both on stage and with my vocal students as well. Sound Healing, Reiki, Magic, Astrology, Aromatherapy, and Herbalism as well as meditation and chanting. 

Review Fix: What are your goals for all of them?

Micari: That is what are my goals for me because I am them.  I want to go on creating my music and moving through all sorts of music to tell the story of my life and that of others I’ve known.  I want to heal and make people laugh and think.  I want to teach. Mostly I want to have people realize their own inherent power and through my work, one really learn to do that!   

Review Fix: How do you find time for all of this?

Micari: I do things in Cycles. I concentrate on one aspect for a month then the next aspect.  I try to keep my family life and my care of myself the basis of my life and then rotate in my work. Love is most important. Work fits into love spaces. 

Review Fix: What’s next?

Micari: Granny’s Blue-Mers will be doing a show full of 1920s and 1930s Jazz and blues-centered around Marijuana. Songs from when it was legal! That’s the comedy side. On the Drama side, I will be working on two acts. One called The Lady in Black Leather and another all dance music from the 1940’s. 

Review Fix: Anything else you’d like to add?

Micari: Just that one should never quit.  Ever. Just watched a documentary on Quincy Jones.  82 or so and still fighting the good fight. Me too. I have a big birthday looming in a few years. Climibing higher to reach it.

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