Starla Starshine: Red Lagoon: EP Review: Sexy and Charismatic

Emerging Orange County-based artist Starla Starshine’s first EP “Red Lagoon” is a three-song dark tale of pain, love, and the thin line between them. It’s slow and evocative, enticing the listener into a trance. The music wouldn’t feel out of place as background music in a teen drama. Backing the grand entrance of “the most beautiful woman in the room,” as awestruck passersby look on.

The three-track EP features the songs “Bad Boys,” “Lover Man,” and the title track “Red Lagoon.” All three songs retain this seductive vibe. The music is soulful and romantic. Lyrically, the songs are entrancing. Sonically, the melodies are bewitching. There’s a consistent theme of forbidden love and secret romance. Subjects that Starshine’s captivating voice lends itself to well.

Although the songs all have similar themes, the tracks stand out on their own. Think of them as different smokey shades of grey on an eyeshadow palette. Similar, but not quite the same. They work well together, and they are all-around sexy. Everything about the EP oozes a beguiling charisma.

The first track, “Bad Boys,” is a slow swing. You can picture the titular “bad boy” with ease. He’s the “tall, dark and handsome” type that is probably sitting at the last stool at a poorly lit dive sipping a double of whiskey. The song is all about this stereotypical “bad boy.” You know it’s probably a bad idea to involve yourself with them, but something about their dangerous nature is captivating, pulling you toward them. The song is a perfect introduction to Starshine’s hypnotic style.

“Lover Man” retains that sultry flavor, thanks to is low-fi, rhythmic bass. Starshine’s alluring vocals are the star of the show. They are the soul behind the music. The bouncy bass and bright guitar perfectly elevate her voice, making it the centerpiece of the song.

The title track, “Red Lagoon,” is the highlight track of the trio. It takes the magnetizing music, seductive vocals, and the alluring aura, and turns it up to eleven. Once again Starshine’s voice is the focal point of the song. The instrumental is made to highlight her voice. Never overpowering it, but always supporting her lows and elevating her high notes.

The young mental health advocate from California’s EP is deeply personal to her. The songs are all inspired by emotional events that Starshine experienced. The heartbreak suffered from a toxic relationship is one of the most painful experiences a person can go through, and Starshine managed to turn that anguish and channel into her provocative sound, bringing it to life. “Red Lagoon,” is an excellent debut EP, leaving listeners dazzled waiting for the full album release.

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