Review Fix Exclusive: DawgGonedDavis Talks ‘In The Dawg Pound’ And More

Review Fix chats with rapper DawgGonedDavis, who discusses the creative process behind her new EP, “In The Dawg Pound.”

About Rebecca “DawgGoneDavis”:

Taking a unique, hilarious, erudite, self-effacing and no holds barred approach to baring her wild and crazy soul and whimsically sharing her truth, rapper, hip-hop artist and lyricist Rebecca “DawgGoneDavis” sparked an across the board, demographic busting global sensation earlier in 2018 with her surprise breakthrough smash “Middle Age Woman – Hip Hop Style.” The track, whose autobiographical title (and super infectious hook) says it all about her unabashed embrace of who she is, is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, folks. It’s just one of four massive hit singles that Rebecca has gathered to create her offbeat yet “can’t stop listening if you tried” four-track debut EP In the Dawg Pound.

Review Fix: How and why did you get into rap?  

DawgGonedDavis: My writing cadence is very different and lends itself to Rap. I can do fun gyrations with my voice that no one expects. I get into character, which IS me and go. I do a form of Rap to show my writing skills and give folks a chance to say:  “what was that?”

Review Fix: What makes the appeal of hip-hop universal to you?  

DawgGonedDavis: I can easily lyrically perform it. It comes natural and I love shocking any “youngsters.” (Also, my nephews endorse my self-effacing groovy factor.)

Review Fix: How do Elvis and Neil Diamond impact your sound? 

DawgGonedDavis: I heard Holly Holy and Crunchy Granola Suite songs and was floored – the concert versions by Neil Diamond ARE Powerful. I feel the emotion. Elvis, well he has never really left “house.” His cool factor and performing is always around.

Review Fix: How important were your parents and family to the development of your sound?  

DawgGonedDavis: My dad was classically trained as a pianist; so the education was big and rounded me out, a bit. Mom plays the organ. It is not so much my unique sound input from them as “the what” that actually influenced the story content (of the songs).

Review Fix: What makes this EP special to you? 

DawgGonedDavis: The EP is my years exposed to many genres. It is special because I am a classical Rock, hip hop, Oldies-influenced, and Rap-ster type wanna-be Pot of Stew!

Review Fix: What’s the standout track? How was it written?   

DawgGonedDavis: Anthem Pandemonium, yep. It was written with the mission of  Entertaining all listeners – that I am Real, on the way to getting known, and can write like no one else. Plus, if I can ham it up and make fun of my twang voice, then all the better.

Review Fix: Bottom line, why must someone listen to this EP?  

DawgGonedDavis: It will remind a huge demographic that there is something New Under the Sun. It is a Bitchin’ Show.

Review Fix: What are your goals for 2019? 

DawgGonedDavis: Finish the 7 or 8 total songs for the extended EP of In The Dawg Pound.  Tour. Get on the night show circuit and crack them up, easily.

Review Fix: What’s next?  

DawgGonedDavis: Speed up the Rap tracks and keep thanking existing fan base. Stretch the huge demographic to the limit – 18 to 80 (which is pretty accurate now).

Review Fix: Anything else you’d like to add? 

DawgGonedDavis: I am genuinely a Ham-ster on a treadmill cranking out witty truths. Check out the head-turning blasts from the past and “your freaky music future” with DGD.  It will open your eyes and ears.

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